Definition of baseline in US English:



  • 1A minimum or starting point used for comparisons.

    • ‘Also required was an accurate baseline measurement so that the scale of the triangulation could be fixed precisely.’
    • ‘The image is used as a baseline for comparison from year to year.’
    • ‘An alternative to creating external baselines is to use comparisons of rates of stops and other behaviors among police officers to identify typical rates.’
    • ‘There is no way that the results from this control group could provide a comparison or baseline for simple guessing.’
    • ‘Winkenwerder said the questionnaire would provide a baseline for medical information about the troops.’
    • ‘The international standards used as baselines to certify security best practice are changing.’
    • ‘The antioxidant nature of vitamin C makes it a popular vitamin for biomedical studies, so it provides a fair baseline for comparison.’
    • ‘All the estimates are subject to error, but they do provide a baseline for comparative purposes.’
    • ‘It surely will be both the starting point and a baseline for numerous subsequent studies.’
    • ‘This establishes a baseline for comparison after the test stimulation.’
    • ‘We begin with the description of these bulk sites to establish a baseline for future comparisons.’
    • ‘The telephone numbers in the sampling frame were then randomized to produce a baseline data bank.’
    • ‘Hopefully when we come back, we have a good baseline, or starting position.’
    • ‘That requires constant path and point observations of the whole world all the time so that we have baselines for comparison.’
    • ‘However, this study does provide a useful baseline for future comparison.’
    • ‘Perhaps, but at least Miller's methodology provides a baseline for comparison.’
    • ‘Now in experimental areas in computer science I find that we are far from such a baseline expectation.’
    • ‘The fault-free case provided a baseline for comparison with the cases that reflect fault modes.’
    • ‘Projections also provide a baseline for comparison with drug use in subsequent years.’
    • ‘Benchmarking is the process of establishing a baseline measurement for comparison.’
  • 2(in tennis, volleyball, etc.) the line marking each end of the court.

    • ‘He watched those games from the baseline underneath the basket with a level of intentness belying his youth.’
    • ‘This is just a fun deal where you have all the kids line up on the baseline.’
    • ‘He can also back up behind the baseline to get more distance from the defender.’
    • ‘One line starts on the baseline near the threepoint line and one near the top of the key.’
    • ‘The line judges on the baseline and the tramline thought it was a winner, too, but Henman begged to differ.’
    • ‘It's supposed to be 21 feet from the net to the service line and then 18 feet to the baseline.’
    • ‘He decides to grab a seat along the baseline and wait for the game to end.’
    • ‘In a tight game played almost entirely from the baseline, Dokic had a chance to take the first set when she held a break point at 4-4.’
    • ‘That play sends Hamilton scurrying across the court, then back along the baseline and up toward the free throw line.’
    • ‘She has an ally in Seles, the player whose double-fisted power game from the baseline provided the template for so many of the current crop.’
    • ‘When they make it to you, they speed dribble back to their starting baseline and do it again.’
    • ‘Out wide at the back of the court, Borg hits a top-spin forehand and scuttles back to the middle, to a spot a couple of feet behind the baseline.’
    • ‘The problem with this is that I am always playing about four feet behind the baseline.’
    • ‘He is not as aggressive from the baseline as Agassi once was.’
    • ‘Breaking Agassi by out rallying him from the baseline, he took his next service game to love.’
    • ‘The Russian is quick around the court, consistent from the baseline but has little more to offer.’
    • ‘At the same time, the ballboys had to wipe the sweat from the baseline on Mirnyi's side of the court as his tormentor worked him into a lather.’
    • ‘Help is on the way; Jackson hit about a dozen threes in a row from the baseline before the game.’
    • ‘He can spin by defenders on the baseline, draw double-teams and hit midrange jumpers.’
    • ‘If you go baseline to half court, have the kids face the same direction both ways.’
  • 3Baseball
    The line between bases which a runner must stay close to when running.

    • ‘If a runner goes beyond the extension of a fielder's outstretched arm, he is considered out of the baseline.’
    • ‘In its upper reaches the stream and its banks are bare as the baseline from home plate to first base.’
    • ‘With runners on first and second, the batter hits a slow roller between the pitcher's mound and the third baseline.’
    • ‘For example, you can place a ball down the first baseline by aiming towards the base itself.’
  • 4Printing
    The imaginary straight line on which a line of type rests.