Definition of base runner in US English:

base runner

(also baserunner)


  • A player on the team at bat who is on a base, or running between bases.

    • ‘In 1926, the rule was changed, giving a batter credit for a sacrifice fly if any base runner advances on the catch.’
    • ‘The pitch was called ‘ball four’ entitling Ugeto to second base, but the Seattle base runner overslid the bag unaware that McLemore had received a free pass.’
    • ‘He was a better hitter and base runner than either Phil Rizzuto or Pee Wee Reese.’
    • ‘Catcher Graham Holloway also showed off his powerful throwing arm as he picked off a Laurier base runner trying to steal second during the top of the sixth.’
    • ‘Ted was below average as a fielder and base runner.’