Definition of base pay in US English:

base pay


  • The base rate of pay for a job or activity, excluding additional payments such as overtime or bonuses.

    • ‘In some flexible plans, employees may choose to sacrifice base pay for additional benefits, such as extra holidays.’
    • ‘Senior enlisted members of the Army Green Berets or Navy Seals with 20 years or more experience now earn about $50,000 in base pay, and can retire with a $23,000 pension.’
    • ‘In the first half of the year, CEO base pay grew 4.3 percent.’
    • ‘Workers would have received a 2.7 percent base pay raise plus locality pay increases that would have increased total pay by an average of 15.1 percent.’
    • ‘For decades the courts have thrown the book at cheapskate bosses who chisel workers out of legal overtime by cutting base pay this way… but now they'll have a new defense: Bush made me do it.’
    • ‘Instead, they will receive a lump-sum payment, giving management huge savings in future wages, overtime payments and retiree benefits, which are calculated from base pay.’
    • ‘If an employee were earning $21,000 in base pay on an hourly basis and was typically working four or five hours a week of overtime at time-and-a-half, this option would represent a big savings.’
    • ‘The registered nurse base pay range would increase from between $31,294 and $45,000 to between $40,000 and $53,000.’
    • ‘They are demanding that base pay be raised to 750 pesos a month instead.’
    • ‘As Second Lieutenants, we were getting a base pay of $210 a month, plus an additional 50 percent flying pay, to do a job we all enjoyed, and we savored every minute of it.’
    • ‘Starting teachers now earn $39,000, with a maximum base pay of about $81,000-about 15 percent less than teachers in the suburbs.’
    • ‘A few gutsy CEOs volunteer to take as their base pay the median salary of a worker at their company.’
    • ‘This money is not part of their base pay - it is an allowance for a specific purpose.’
    • ‘And the reason is simple - the salary during holidays was low - usually just the base pay without bonuses.’
    • ‘As for Parker, his base pay of $550,000-plus the bonus - brought his total compensation to $1.55 million, The Arizona Republic reports.’
    • ‘Gee, a bonus of over $100k, on top of his almost half million dollar base pay, for failing to meet company goals.’
    • ‘There, the union sacrificed 400 jobs, changed work rules and took wage increases as bonuses rather than as additions to the base pay.’
    • ‘When this trio graduated, they were extremely pleased that Congress had raised the Army base pay for the first time since 1870.’
    • ‘In the past, it used to be okay because we got a lot of bonuses, despite having a low base pay.’
    • ‘If you contribute any portion of your base pay, you can also contribute any percentage of your bonus, special or incentive pay up to the applicable IRS limit.’