Definition of base burner in US English:

base burner


  • A stove or furnace that burns fuel in a chamber at the base which is replenished from above by means of a hopper.

    • ‘By a huge stove, called a base burner, in the living room of the house sat the daughter reading a book.’
    • ‘Then off the main room was a little closet in which there was a wash stand and pail of water, and in this closet was piled the coal for use in the base burner in the office.’
    • ‘The base burners are heady and require but little attention; but none of them, of whatsoever kind, distributes its heat uniformly through the room, or keeps it at an unvarying temperature, or fails to take the life out of the atmosphere and leave it stuffy and smothery and stupefying…’
    • ‘Even coal was only fit for the base burner in the family sitting-room - and that must be anthracite, or ‘hard’ coal, the kind that comes in sacks nowadays at about the same price as butter and eggs.’
    • ‘At night, we used kerosene lamps; Grandma and we kids would all sit around the base burner, drinking coffee or hot cocoa, while Grandma read the ‘thrillers.’’