Definition of bascule in English:


(also bascule bridge)


  • 1A type of bridge with a pivoting section that is raised and lowered using counterweights.

    • ‘As the procession moved up river, Tower Bridge raised its bascules in tribute while gun salutes came from the Tower of London and HMS Belfast.’
    • ‘Eight bascule bridges intersect with the upper roadway, as do two elevated transit lines - and 60,000 pedestrians on the Loop.’
    • ‘This was the first use of a V-shaped pier on a bascule bridge, and it provided several advantages, including less restricted views of the water due to the openness of the pier, larger transverse openings, and improved span proportions.’
    1. 1.1A moveable section of road forming part of a bascule bridge.


Late 19th century: earlier denoting a lever apparatus of which one end is raised while the other is lowered, from French (earlier bacule), seesaw from battre to bump + cul buttocks.