Definition of basal body in US English:

basal body

(also basal granule)


  • An organelle that forms the base of a flagellum or cilium.

    Also called kinetosome
    • ‘Perl cells inspected at LDT 9 had one dense spot of staining near the basal body of the flagella and less-intensely stained particles elsewhere.’
    • ‘Centrioles have the same structure as basal bodies, but have no transition zone.’
    • ‘The co-overexpression of all four proteins led to overproduction of membrane-associated, partial basal body structures.’
    • ‘It may imply some mechanical flexibility of the basal body structure against deformation in nanometer scales.’
    • ‘This is the most general and primitive form of a complex of the nucleus with (usually four) basal bodies and associated flagella, microtubular tissues and fibers.’