Definition of bartsia in US English:



  • A herbaceous plant of the figwort family. Some kinds obtain additional nourishment by attachment to the roots of other plants, especially grasses.

    Bartsia and related genera, family Scrophulariaceae: several species, in particular the pink-flowered red bartsia (Odontites serotina)

    • ‘Cultivation in combination with growing a competitive crop will limit red bartsia infestations.’
    • ‘The flora of these habitat mosaics is outstandingly species-rich and includes many rare northern species, such as alpine bartsia Bartsia alpina and bird's eye primrose Primula farinosa.’
    • ‘P. latifolia (red bartsia, common bartsia) grows to 20 cm and is often reddish, with deeply toothed leaves.’


Modern Latin, named after Johann Bartsch (1709–38), Prussian botanist.