Definition of barracks bag in English:

barracks bag


  • A large cloth bag for carrying clothing, equipment, and personal items; a duffel bag.

    • ‘All I owned in the world was either on my back or in a barracks bag ‘borrowed’ from the Army.’
    • ‘He ran through it with the barracks bag in front of him like a basket of wash, got a nickel out of his pocket, and leaped into a booth to call Ruth.’
    • ‘Everything packed up and barracks bags and English blankets taken to end of street for taking away.’
    • ‘With a toilet kit for personal hygiene and a barracks bag to entangle our gear hopelessly, we were now equipped for the coming adventure.’
    • ‘Hoisting heavy barracks bags over our shoulder, rifles in hand, the small group of Marines and sailors single filed down the gang plank.’
    • ‘The ground floors of several houses oil the beach were used to temporarily store ammunition and barracks bags were piled in an alley behind the first row of houses.’
    • ‘As I carried my barracks bag in through the door I met a young German woman carrying her belongings out.’
    • ‘With many regrets the men packed their belongings into their barracks bags and left the good friends and pleasant associations connected with the Sanitary Train.’
    • ‘He and I worked another hour, hauling smoked meat in barracks bags back to the mess truck.’
    • ‘With an ‘I'm ready to go home’ attitude, and loaded down with barracks bags and full field equipment, they stumbled down the gangplank and for the first time, set foot on foreign soil.’
    • ‘Jim Hancock, responsibility to organize the GIs into a bucket brigade to funnel their barracks bags through the waist door, back to the radio room and into the bomb bay.’
    • ‘The 250 of us assigned there dropped our packs, duffle bags, rifles, barracks bags and musette bags.’
    • ‘There were so many, they had to sit on their barracks bags in the aisles,’ she says.’
    • ‘A German soldier with a large white barracks bag was running ahead of the tank, looking desperately for a break in a hedgerow so he could get out of its path.’
    • ‘She was beached to pontoon causeways and the loading of construction equipment and barracks bags belonging to the 27th Division was begun.’
    • ‘The morning I was due to walk on a ship to come home, I woke up and found my barracks bag had been stolen.’
    • ‘When we debarked, our barracks bags were put on trucks and taken to our camp at Papakura.’
    • ‘Additional ammo, along with all of our extra equipment, such as barracks bags and blankets, were carried in an attached trailer.’
    • ‘One can imagine how miserable it must have been for soldiers who had their barracks bags among that lot.’
    • ‘Since I could carry no more than the barracks bag and one trunk, and the sergeant refused to allow me to make two trips, I was forced to abandon one of the trunks.’