Definition of barogram in US English:



  • A record of atmospheric pressure produced by a barograph.

    • ‘The barogram is evaluated by comparison with a calibration curve that must not be more than one year old.’
    • ‘The instruments at the Kew, Observatory confirm those at Greenwich, and if further confirmation were required it can be had from the barograms at many other places in England.’
    • ‘If the GPS also records altitude then no need for the barogram.’
    • ‘You can change the scale of the barogram by changing the setting in the combo box in the top right corner.’
    • ‘Flight recorders are the future, there will come the day when photos and barograms are no longer accepted by the FAI or SSA.’
    • ‘‘Barogram.exe’ is a program to display barograms and the ENL traces of your flights.’
    • ‘Figure 17, below, is a barogram for Salem that covers a 72-hour span during the November 1981 storms.’
    • ‘A barogram can only be read to within 10 metres and then only with the help of a magnifying glass.’
    • ‘With the amazing GPS driven technologies every flight completed can be re-lived and for those that may be interested I have a complete set of logs, barograms and statistics from each leg.’
    • ‘The barogram of the 29th was remarkable for its waviform trace, and it may be that the air-waves propagated by such a disturbance can be transmitted a very considerable distance.’
    • ‘One takes suitable glide-path sections from one or more barograms to provide the necessary polar-curve co-ordinates.’
    • ‘Short, dispersive wave trains were also typical for barograms and seismograms from atmospheric nuclear explosions, well documented in the literature.’
    • ‘The latter was calculated from the seismograms of the same observatory, as well as from the barograms of Siberian and European meteorological stations, see Ref. 10.’
    • ‘This program permits the display of barograms, speedograms and variograms as well as polar curves.’