Definition of barnyard in US English:



North American
  • The area of open ground around a barn.

    • ‘So with dirty clothes and feces in my teeth, I climbed on top of the fence with the gun and jumped on the back of one of the colts that were hanging around the barnyard.’
    • ‘In the winter, we sledded from the top, over two terraces, and down to the barnyard next to the road.’
    • ‘He went to the screen door that looked out on the barnyard.’
    • ‘Wounds sustained in barnyards or stables are considered contaminated.’
    • ‘For efficiency, a pipeline must follow the lay of the land, cutting through barnyards and across cultivated fields.’
    • ‘A mile or so in, you'll come to Slide Ranch, where you can watch goats and chickens roam the barnyard.’
    • ‘Run-off from barnyards, cropland, feedlots, septic tanks, and intensively managed turf areas such as golf courses can introduce large quantities of organic matter and nutrients into a pond.’
    • ‘The barnyard was situated behind the house with a good clear view of the winding highway that led out of Massillon and to places beyond.’
    • ‘After it seemed that I couldn't last one more second on a saddle, we broke through to a familiar barnyard.’
    • ‘There was also fish from the pond and poultry and cows from the barnyard.’
    • ‘Proper grading and tiling can reduce wet barnyards.’
    • ‘As the two approached the barnyard they slowed to a steady trot.’
    • ‘He led me out of the main barnyard, down the aisle to the fields.’
    • ‘Farmers emptied their barnyards and built factory-size sheds in the rolling hills.’
    • ‘Crossing the coastal plain on the heels of the main herd was a bit like walking through a barnyard.’
    • ‘So I went down toward the creek, and as I turned the corner by the barnyard I saw him down below, moving along a fencerow.’
    • ‘Their farmstead and barnyard areas are immaculately tidy.’
    • ‘They walked all around the barnyard, Shiloh's head up high, looking at all the new surroundings.’
    • ‘It's the story of a little pig and his friends in the barnyard, including a spider named Charlotte.’
    • ‘Once we find a narrow spot to park the car we emerge from the air conditioning to be greeted by the sounds and smells of a barnyard.’


  • (especially of manners or language) characterized by a lack of propriety; coarse, indecent, earthy.

    ‘a polite way of avoiding barnyard language’
    • ‘His initial informality and later his barnyard manners in the Oval Office served to emphasize his status as interloper and to enrage them further.’
    • ‘But to be sincere most of them are simply no good (I don't want to use a barnyard language here).’
    • ‘It's time these barnyard ethics are put to a stop.’
    • ‘Finding the brutish leavings of people with barnyard manners in bathrooms – and sometimes hallways – is something that custodial staff have become accustomed to.’
    • ‘During the rut, bull elk have a very strong barnyard smell to them.’
    • ‘But the barnyard smell will not disrupt our bountiful Christmas breakfast.’
    • ‘She is beautiful and exasperating, a little hellcat with barnyard manners.’
    • ‘Veterinarian Hwang brought barnyard ethics to the human lab.’
    • ‘Some cable-television viewers found Mark Fuhrman's words so offensive that they complained after hearing his racial slurs and barnyard language on Tuesday.’
    • ‘We went through half a glass and I could not get past the barnyard smell.’
    • ‘What is with you that you cheapen our good movies [almost good] with barnyard language.’
    • ‘I give it a 5 + for an excellently executed plot - great characters with much human realism but am disappointed with the common barnyard language.’
    • ‘Accordingly, we say we struggle to curb base instincts, to avoid barnyard manners, and to rise above animal behavior.’
    • ‘What's that "barnyard" smell?’