Definition of barmaid in US English:



  • 1North American A waitress who serves drinks in a bar.

    • ‘Forget about those tales of huge tubs filled with ice cold beer served by doe-eyed barmaids just quivering to hear your band.’
    • ‘Great place to nip into on the way to Hollywood and load up on flaming sambuca's at the bar with the lovely barmaids.’
    • ‘The same barmaid that had served Deuce, asking if the other two occupants of the table wanted a drink, interrupted any reply Epoxie could have made.’
    • ‘All the booths around the edges of the room were crammed with people, and the barmaids had their hands full serving them.’
    • ‘A pretty barmaid in a short skirt and apron was serving them.’
    • ‘The barmaids are well fit, and you get your drinks served to you in a flash.’
    • ‘Ziana sighed, irritated, as Devon called for the barmaid to bring her whatever her usual drink was.’
    • ‘I also have to add that it has the most attractive barmaids of any bar I have ever been in throughout my life, absolutely beautiful!’
    • ‘Rough clothing and general shabbiness proclaimed their lack of affluence, yet there was no rowdiness, and no one gave the two overworked barmaids trouble.’
    • ‘At about 1: 30 am, he ordered a drink from Hattie Carroll, one of the barmaids.’
    • ‘Tane sat in a chair next to the table of soldiers, Ice pretended to stir his drink, and Ryo acted like a barmaid and asked them if they wanted anything else.’
    • ‘As Maria and company entered the pub, he immediately handed off the drinks to a barmaid and went straight to Erik.’
    • ‘From the way she was dressed, Sarah assumed she was one of the barmaids.’
    • ‘A young barmaid brought Doran a drink, grinning at him mischievously, but he didn't even glance at her.’
    • ‘The barmaid spilled his drink all over him and then… nothing.’
    • ‘Crowe was seen drinking Guinness in many Limerick pubs including the Charlie St George, and Nancy Blake's where a barmaid refused to serve him due to it being after hours.’
    • ‘The fire of the Inn flickered as its customers called for ale and stew, and Nali and the other barmaids hurried around, taking orders.’
    • ‘With the exception of the barmaids, the occupants of the tavern were men, the majority of them heavyset and tough-looking.’
    • ‘In the lobby of the Tel Aviv Opera House, tall barmaids in red sequins served wine in plastic goblets with labels declaring the sponsorship of the Bezeq telephone company.’
    • ‘1840 - In a beer tavern known as Corse Halle, near Berlin, barmaids on rolling skates served thirsty patrons.’
  • 2British A woman bartender.

    • ‘Chances are the barman or barmaid who served you drink would put you to shame on the waves.’
    • ‘On a recent return to Wales, he asked for a whisky in one trendy bar and got a funny look - the barmaid had never served whisky before.’
    • ‘I found a better one in the next street with a better looking barmaid and cheaper liquor.’
    • ‘Blessing number 38; If nothing else, I'm a really good barmaid.’
    • ‘The person whose job it will be to tell people to put out their cigarettes is barmaid Pam Pickering.’
    • ‘Whilst the barmaid attended to our drinks, I extracted appropriate change to facilitate swift payment.’
    • ‘Laura Price, head barmaid at The Sun, which is next door to the Swan, said: ‘It doesn't look nice at the moment.’
    • ‘The demand to get in kept growing, and soon I was told by the barmaid that if I didn't drink more, I would cordially yet under no uncertain terms get kicked out.’
    • ‘The barmaid, Sian, boasted to me before serving me that she was ‘an old pro behind the bar’.’
    • ‘Peter wants to trade in brassy barmaid Shelley for genteel flower-shop owner Lucy.’
    • ‘The music area is separate from the bar, in which you will get a warm welcome from regular barmaid Sinead Keaney.’
    • ‘‘We felt it was important to make sure our customers were aware of the situation,’ explained barmaid Marie Grady.’
    • ‘The cheating former care worker was rumbled after telling a pal of wife Beverley that he was divorced and was getting married to barmaid Barbara.’
    • ‘It also had an old-style brassy barmaid, but she'd never heard of Hoolihan.’
    • ‘This months barmaid is the lovely and ever friendly Tamsyn from up the stairs at Monkey Feather.’
    • ‘The Woodmans pub barmaid and mother of three boys, who recently buried her stepfather, says the ring is her most treasured possession.’
    • ‘His views were shared by barmaid Laura Waghorn, of Craylands Square, Swanscombe, who was on her hen night in Gravesend when she heard her fiance had been rushed to hospital.’
    • ‘Andrew wasn't there, he was replaced by a new new barmaid called Sue who seems to think I'm northern!’
    • ‘I find an empty wooden stool at the bar, and the efficient middle - aged barmaid quickly has a Bud on the counter.’
    • ‘She had many friends in Salisbury and after completing her A-levels, Ms Chaney did a variety of jobs, working as a dental nurse, carer, cook and barmaid.’