Definition of Barlow knife in US English:

Barlow knife


  • A large single-bladed pocketknife.

    • ‘Last year, he said I was too small for a Barlow knife, but after all, I'm a year older and bigger now.’
    • ‘Finally, Tom gets the verses right, and Mary gives him a Barlow knife as a reward.’
    • ‘It was a tough callous and he pressed a little too hard when, zip, the extremely sharp Barlow knife cut right through the connecting skin between his thumb and the forefinger.’
    • ‘That particular Barlow knife is still in the hands of descendants of the teamster.’
    • ‘He settled first at Philadelphia but in 1854 he sold his business of making Barlow knives to Disston, the saw manufacturer, and moved to Iowa where he established a farm in Tama County.’
    • ‘With this thought, the year-old gun was traded along with some really good Barlow knives for the gun.’
    • ‘One could see that as Augustine slid his Barlow knife blade beneath a gator's skin, it was guided by the touch of a master, and I marveled at all the other things they could do that I couldn't.’
    • ‘I'll give you my horse, ten dollars cash money, my genuine Barlow knife, my blue-tick gyp and I'll throw in my saddle as boot.’
    • ‘Sorry, no Barlow knives, Black Diamond guitar strings or Dapper Dan hair pomade in stock, but we do carry a few other items of interest.’
    • ‘There was empty dry-goods boxes under the awnings, and loafers roosting on them all day long, whittling them with their Barlow knives; and chawing tobacco, and gaping and yawning and stretching.’
    • ‘I always figured teacher's sons had closet full of marbles, yo-yos, tin soldiers, tops, tin whistles, Kellogg'Pep buttons and Barlow knives.’
    • ‘If you were a boy, and older, there were Barlow knives, under glass, unfortunately, with bone handles and two blades, good for mumblety-peg.’
    • ‘He bought a Barlow knife for his son to carve broomsticks without having to borrow a knife.’
    • ‘Someone had taken a Barlow knife and sliced it open.’


Barlow knife

/ˈbärlō ˌnīf/