Definition of barley wine in US English:

barley wine


  • A strong English ale.

    • ‘I imagine that many a cup of mead or barley wine was raised at many a neolithic celebration to express a similar sentiment.’
    • ‘It has a strong taste, like most older ales, but is not like barley wine.’
    • ‘Robert Gagnon, owner of 24-tap The Gate Bar in Brooklyn, says ‘We consciously focus on the styles that don't come out consistently, like winter warmers and barley wines.’
    • ‘Though a pate, rich and gamy in flavor, may require the creamy weight and tartness of a barley wine or bock beer.’
    • ‘That is going to open the floodgates for our customers to try barley wines and Belgian doubles and triples,’ Lane says.’
    • ‘We always have a pilsner, pale ale, stout, a red or amber ale, a barley wine or strong ale, a seasonal beer and usually at least three IPAs.’
    • ‘German wheat beers are good with sweets, they said; Mackeson complements a ham sandwich; and barley wine with blue cheese ‘cuts through the fattiness better than any port’.’
    • ‘Their favorite drinks are barley wine and tea with butter.’
    • ‘For a squeamish diary writer it was enough to send me to the editor's well-stocked drinks cabinet for a nip of his favourite barley wine.’
    • ‘A porter, having put a load of waste paper on the ground is eagerly quaffing this best of barley wine.’
    • ‘Extra strong ales and lagers, bock beer, Adam bier, and barley wine are the brandy, cognac, and port equivalents of the beer world, capable of Armagnac status on the tongue.’
    • ‘We're also trying to serve the Belgian beers and big beers, like barley wines, in the traditional glasses.’
    • ‘Brodrick has an ice beer festival planned in December, and likely will host a winter warmer festival in January and feature barley wines sometime in February.’
    • ‘The sergeant beckoned the waitress, ordered a barley wine for himself and a small bottle of that for his friend.’


barley wine

/ˈbɑrli ˌwaɪn//ˈbärlē ˌwīn/