Definition of barium sulfate in US English:

barium sulfate


  • An odorless, insoluble white powder used in the making of pigments, paper, textiles, and plastics, and ingested as a contrasting agent in X-raying the digestive tract.

    Chemical formula: BaSO₄

    • ‘Barium salts are opaque to x rays, and so a slurry of barium sulfate is ingested in order to outline the stomach and intestines in x - ray diagnosis of those organs.’
    • ‘Barium enema with air contrast examination: For this exam, barium sulfate, a chalky substance that shows up on x-rays, is given in enema form.’
    • ‘‘A more cutting edge approach is to use nets infused with barium sulfate, which makes them stiffer and easier [for marine mammals] to detect acoustically,’ she said.’
    • ‘In fact, depending on your medical problem and the type of study that has been requested, you may be asked to drink one bottle of barium sulfate at bedtime.’
    • ‘In these feeding trials, ant pupae were injected with an aqueous barium sulfate solution so that they could be visualized throughout intraoral transport and swallowing.’
    • ‘Measurements were calibrated using a barium sulfate standard that reflects >99% of incidental light.’
    • ‘Since barium sulfate is opaque to x rays, a clear image of the details of the GI system can be obtained, and most defects can be detected.’
    • ‘Others are blending barium sulfate or tungsten compounds into their material mix to add radiopacity to the extruded products, Shah says.’
    • ‘The reflected light from the animal re-enters the ultra pure white barium sulfate coated sphere.’