Definition of barhop in English:



  • Drink at a number of bars during a single day or evening.

    • ‘He's one of my oldest and dearest friends and we always have a blast together whether we're traveling or barhopping or just hanging out at home and looking at pics of boys on the Internet.’
    • ‘So when the channel decided to make its own series about barhopping twentysomethings and their complex love lives, those familiar skyscrapers proved hard to resist.’
    • ‘His opinions are formed out of nicotine and late-night barhopping.’
    • ‘It was getting quite dark, which really set the atmosphere for the barhopping.’
    • ‘We haven't gone anywhere in close to two weeks, but last night you went barhopping with your roommates?’
    • ‘Which can roughly translate into ‘shopping to drink heavily,’ or barhopping.’
    • ‘We see him actually enjoying himself while barhopping in the company of young Japanese.’
    • ‘Last night I went barhopping with (amongst others) a guy whom I went to school with from kindergarten-4th grade, and haven't seen since.’
    • ‘Gone are the nights when Brian Battjer left barhopping in New York to chance.’
    • ‘That night, angry, hurt, and determined to play out Gabriel's no-strings-attached rule to the fullest for revenge, Veronica went barhopping.’
    • ‘Enhanced airflow makes soft shells perfect for all your high-motion sports: climbing, mountain biking, barhopping in Telluride, and so on.’
    • ‘However, barhopping gets pricey, so it's no surprise that those whose annual household income is $50,000 or more tend to drink more often than those whose families get by on less than $50,000 a year.’
    • ‘It's just the right size for a night out on the town, and has just the right features for a lightweight communications context like being out barhopping.’
    • ‘Seems the fake Brad was barhopping through the stunned Midwestern nightlife with a bevy of bodyguards, garbed in a black cowboy hat and goatee.’