Definition of barf bag in US English:

barf bag


  • A bag provided to airplane passengers for use in case of vomiting associated with motion sickness.

    • ‘Parties that cater to the round-the-clock crowd need to embrace either light beers or barf bags (and enough urinals to handle the heat).’
    • ‘Cue the plaintive wail of a lone trumpeter playing ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic,’ as through my patriotic tears I grab blindly for a barf bag and my passport.’
    • ‘The convenience bag features a rigid mouth shaped collar that creates a facial seal to prevent missing the barf bag and to contain odor.’
    • ‘Alyssa couldn't stop laughing as she handed me the barf bag and the airport doctors surrounded me.’
    • ‘I never need a barf bag, but I was wishing I had one at that moment.’
    • ‘Get your barf bags ready, there's a new gross couple alert circulating in Hollywood.’
    • ‘It doesn't even have to be from a band you loved, just an album you bought that made you immediately reach for the barf bag or demand a refund.’
    • ‘If you thought the precursor, House of 1,000 Corpses, was the equivalent of drinking the contents of a used barf bag, you may want to steer clear of this gruesome follow-up.’
    • ‘One of the ugliest cars ever made, the Gremlin was said to have been first sketched out on the back of a Northwest Orient barf bag by an AMC's chief designer.’
    • ‘Considering what else a distressed passenger in need of a facility might have deposited in a barf bag, the man in question seems to me to be the acme of discretion.’
    • ‘Don't know why an Egypt based airline uses a rose on their barf bags, unless it's a specially bred rose strain, able to survive in the desert.’
    • ‘No… I just think I need to get back to my room and… have a barf bag handy.’
    • ‘Sounds like the kind of movie you have to pack the barf bag for.’
    • ‘At the screening they were handing out boxes of Kleenex - they should have handed out barf bags.’
    • ‘It's hiring big-name designers to rework everything from pajamas to barf bags and trumpeting the service with an onboard storybook about its fab, pampered passengers.’