Definition of barely-there in US English:



  • 1attributive Negligible or inconspicuous.

    ‘the barely-there narrative is ultimately yawn-inspiring’
    ‘a gorgeous, barely-there melody’
    • ‘The salad was complemented by a barely-there herb dressing, which shadowed the vegetables without overwhelming them, allowing their fresh flavour to shine through.’
    • ‘While you relish the coziness of cashmere, you can't help but mourn the freedom of barely-there footwear.’
    • ‘What I appreciated most about this menu was its low-key, sometimes barely-there approach to the tricky art of fusing East and West.’
    • ‘On "Landlocked Blues" he seems relaxed, comfortable amid the barely-there guitars.’
    • ‘Trinidad feels peacefully timeless: a town of 300 or so residents with a barely-there commercial district, its nearby redwood forests and empty, driftwood-strewn beaches like something out of another century.’
    • ‘Nellie Hooper's barely-there backing of "Nothing Compares 2U" throws her quivering, gorgeous voice right up in your ear.’
    • ‘The color isn't as intense as creamy lipsticks; it gives you a barely-there finish.’
    • ‘I hear about the texture of my barely-there hair, and how rosy and luscious my cheeks were.’
    • ‘Brushed drums and barely-there bass propel the proceedings with measured patience.’
    • ‘One study would show a barely-there tenuous link to brain cancer, but not to anything else.’
    1. 1.1 (of clothing) skimpy or revealing.
      ‘she posed in a barely-there bronze bikini’
      • ‘Organisers want to bring dignity to the November event by banning barely-there apparel like lingerie.’
      • ‘The first bikini, modeled here by a French showgirl, looks like a muumuu compared to the thongs and barely-there string bikinis seen today.’
      • ‘With the fabulous sunshine, hot weather and potential to strip down to barely-there apparel, it is only fitting that physical activity and healthy eating become a part of daily life.’
      • ‘The billing and cooing of two female models in barely-there lingerie is made light of, even mocked.’
      • ‘"You'd have to be really confident to wear this," she said, attempting to sit down while retaining her modesty in the barely-there nine-inch skirt.’
      • ‘Do you envision an attractive blonde in a barely-there bikini perched on top of a muscle or sport compact car?’
      • ‘Manufacturers and retailers have exploited this natural stage in adolescence by providing barely-there clothing in sizes which no grown woman would wear.’
      • ‘As I gear up for a two-week holiday on the Caribbean island of Grand Cayman, I'm determined to end my foray into paradise sporting a barely-there bikini.’
      • ‘The dark brown, shining length of Daphne's hair provides a stark contrast to the barely-there pink silk.’
      • ‘Starlet after starlet graced the red carpet in barely-there dresses and death-defying stilettos.’