Definition of barefoot running in US English:

barefoot running


  • The sport or activity of running without footwear or in footwear designed to simulate the experience of being barefoot.

    ‘they turned to barefoot running in the hopes of improving performance’
    • ‘Think of the first weeks of barefoot running as strength training for your feet.’
    • ‘I was up there this weekend barefoot running in the new snow.’
    • ‘The barefoot running craze has been around for a couple of years now.’
    • ‘Barefoot running has been around for centuries, but it has enjoyed a renewed popularity the past few years.’
    • ‘Fans of barefoot running believe wearing shoes hinders their natural stride, causing pain and injuries.’
    • ‘He described barefoot running as a good tool to change your running style.’
    • ‘Coaches agree that barefoot running can strengthen foot muscles while allowing the runner to feel more comfortable.’
    • ‘Barefoot running has, for me, been a big change as a runner.’
    • ‘Barefoot-running enthusiasts long have believed that running without shoes or in minimalist footwear makes running easier, speedier, and less injurious.’
    • ‘We can also switch to barefoot running shoes, which have already been gaining popularity among runner's circles.’