Definition of Barbary sheep in US English:

Barbary sheep


  • A short-coated sheep with a long neck ruff, found in the high deserts of northern Africa.

    Ammotragus lervia, family Bovidae

    Also called aoudad
    • ‘Commercially grown and wild populations of Barbary sheep are legally hunted in New Mexico and Texas.’
    • ‘A Barbary sheep with a badly overgrown hoof was also seen by Minett, the affected foot ‘clearly causing it intense pain’.’
    • ‘I became interested in exotic animals - things such as orangutans and Barbary sheep, or aoudads.’
    • ‘A lone cheetah, a lone tiger and an African lion and a couple of lionesses are no more exciting than small herds of kangaroo, deer, giraffe or Barbary sheep.’
    • ‘Distinct from other species of wild sheep, the Barbary sheep has a mane of long, soft hair on the throat, chest and upper forelegs.’