Definition of bar graph in US English:

bar graph

(also bar chart)


North American
  • A diagram in which the numerical values of variables are represented by the height or length of lines or rectangles of equal width.

    • ‘The height of the columns varied, allowing the work to appear like a meandering bar graph.’
    • ‘This concept is represented in a bar graph pictured in the students ' workbooks.’
    • ‘These can be replicated by bar graphs.’
    • ‘By now, they should all have made a simple bar graph.’
    • ‘Colorful bar graphs track the gas consumption.’
    • ‘I always find that it helps to have eye-catching, multicolored graphics such as pie charts, bar graphs and compliance scorecards.’
    • ‘The above bar graph shows the shift in education of new Alberta RN graduates over the past decade.’
    • ‘In general, the results showed that proportion and scaling had an asymmetric integral relation for stacked bar graphs.’
    • ‘High-speed computers convert imagery into a bar graph that charts the pixels, dots of pure black to pure white and all of the grays.’
    • ‘In newspapers, magazines and on television, we are overwhelmed with statistics; writers report deaths in numbers, disease in bar graphs and crimes on flow charts.’
    • ‘Just in case I still thought this a trivial trend, Komlos put a final bar graph in front of me.’
    • ‘Bar graphs are often used to compare related data at a given point in time.’
    • ‘However, we really need to look a bit more closely at the bar graph.’
    • ‘Once people have grasped the concepts, the bar graphs can be used in financial planning and accounting.’
    • ‘Spring vs fall sales were also compared using stacked bar graphs.’
    • ‘Actually, I wasn't guessing; I've seen your bar graphs, or ones like them, before.’
    • ‘Clicking on the bar graph at the top of the page allows you zoom in on smaller time periods, right down to a single month.’
    • ‘We did line plots, bar graphs, and box-and-whisker plots using paper and pencils and graphing calculators.’
    • ‘These are combined and shown both in actual numbers and as ratios in the bar graph.’
    • ‘Indeed, an accompanying bar graph illustrated what many of us have suspected all along.’


bar graph

/bɑr ɡræf/