Definition of baptize in US English:


(British baptise)


  • 1with object and often with complement Administer baptism to (someone); christen.

    ‘he was baptized Joshua’
    • ‘Deliziosi, Don Pino's biographer, notes the paradox of a parish priest who died at the hands of Christians who were baptized in the same parish.’
    • ‘Ironically, John promises that Jesus will baptize us with the same elements that the author of Isaiah mentions as dangers.’
    • ‘I accepted Jesus as a child, was baptized, attended a Christian school, and participated in Bible quizzing.’
    • ‘When it was reported that a Christian midwife secretly baptized a Jewish infant who died a few days later, the body was exhumed from the Jewish cemetery and buried beside the local church.’
    • ‘The communal nature of this endeavor is based in baptism, because all who are baptized belong to Christ and are committed to follow him as disciples.’
    • ‘Like many people who were baptized and raised by Christian parents, I have no recollection of the precise moment I became a Christian, nor do I recall a time when I was an unbeliever.’
    • ‘Both children were baptized in the parish last week.’
    • ‘On the other, immense courage is needed to confess Christ, be baptised, and live and witness as a Christian.’
    • ‘Four babies were baptised in the parish over the last two weeks.’
    • ‘In 1925 father was baptized upon the confession of his faith in Jesus Christ and accepted as a member in the Neuendorf Mennonite Church.’
    • ‘Both children were recently baptized in the parish.’
    • ‘Consequently, at no time during his pastoral career could he baptize babies or administer the sacraments, although he could both preach and instruct children in religious precepts.’
    • ‘Many Christians have been baptised with the Holy Spirit but due to careless living (lack of prayer or living in sin) they are no longer filled with the power.’
    • ‘The different Christian sects baptize children according to their own religious traditions.’
    • ‘Christians were to be baptized in their parishes, be married, make their confessions, take communion, and be buried there.’
    • ‘Easter was also the natural time for baptising adults who wished to follow the way of Jesus Christ.’
    • ‘As a youngster, I was baptized but had no Christian upbringing.’
    • ‘Although He had nothing to repent of, Jesus Christ was baptized as an example for those who truly follow Him.’
    • ‘If they are Christian, they baptize their children.’
    • ‘Here, the biblical narrative describes how Christ was baptized, how he defeated Satan and the work of sin, and how he ascended to reign on his heavenly throne.’
    christen, immerse, sprinkle
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    1. 1.1 Admit (someone) into a specified Church by baptism.
      ‘Mark had been baptized a Catholic’
      • ‘That same day 3000 souls were baptized into the Christian church.’
      • ‘She was baptized into the Schoenfelder Gemeinde in Pigeon Lake in 1934 by Altester Johann Klassen.’
      • ‘She was baptized into the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite, which faith she embraced to the end.’
      • ‘As a young man he was baptized into the Evangelical Mennonite Church, at that time known as the Kleine-gemeinde.’
      • ‘Born to Italian-Jewish parents, in 1817 Disraeli's father baptised his children as Christians.’
      • ‘In 1836, after several weeks of prayer and contemplation, he was converted and baptized into the membership of a Baptist church.’
      • ‘I promised God at that time: if my wife could get a job in the United States, I would be baptized into the church.’
      • ‘Many Guajiro infants are not only baptized into the Catholic Church, but also given a private Guajiro naming ceremony.’
      • ‘It also has social consequences, for example when Victoria describes her knee-jerk reaction not to let her son be baptized into the Catholic church.’
      • ‘At middle school he was baptized a Christian, and went on to study theology at Meiji University.’
      • ‘Mother gave her heart to the Lord and was baptized into the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite, Steinbach on July 29, 1929 by Minister F.C. Fricke.’
      • ‘I suffered here 18 years because I am a Christian, because I was baptised into Christianity.’
      • ‘In fact although George's parents were Jewish, he was baptized into the Roman Catholic Church shortly after his birth.’
      • ‘I'm really going to spend all my time trying to keep Jackson from being forcibly baptized into the Catholic church.’
      • ‘When swimmers climb out I congratulate them on being baptized into the Universal Life Church and hand them their commemorative certificates.’
      • ‘Sigrid Undset wrote Kristin Lavransdatter a year before she was baptized a Catholic, but she had probably been intellectually converted to the Catholic faith by the time she wrote her masterpiece.’
      • ‘He himself was brought up a Muslim but had been baptized into the African Church, an indigenous separatist movement, at the urging of his uncle Amos Elegbede.’
      • ‘John Spong was validly baptized into a Church that professes (at least on paper) the Creeds.’
      • ‘I was baptized as a Christian at 17 but I backslid.’
      • ‘And that started when his mother baptized him as a Christian in the Orthodox church.’
      admit, introduce, initiate, enrol, recruit, convert
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    2. 1.2 Give a name or nickname to.
      ‘he baptized the science of narrative “narratology.”’
      • ‘It was baptised with the spectacularly unimaginative name of ‘Latest News’, a name that lives on in the site's URLs today.’
      • ‘Bakalova's little known nickname, baptised by friends and relatives for luck, is ‘the golden fish’.’
      • ‘And it was a shining example of how history is really forged, not recorded, baptized in the indefatigable whirl of media spin.’
      • ‘City of York Ladies Hockey Club failed to baptise their new name with a win in the season's opening North League game as they disappointingly slipped 5-1 at home to Leyland.’
      • ‘The idea of this third solution is very old indeed, and the French have long since baptized it with a pertinent name.’
      • ‘It was as if he had been baptised in the name of the blues.’
      • ‘We grow accustomed to what suits us, until it somehow becomes baptized with the name: that's how things are done around here.’
      • ‘Now it is time for you to be baptized in the name of the Parent, as her servant and warrior in this realm.’
      • ‘Even place names have politics and the baptizing and rebaptizing of place is interwoven with a group's claim to it.’
      • ‘Schumpeter baptized three of the four cycles by naming them after their discoverers.’
      • ‘Pilots baptised their planes in her name and entire regiments were dedicated to her.’
      name, give a name to, call, dub, nickname
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Middle English: via Old French from ecclesiastical Latin baptizare, from Greek baptizein ‘immerse, baptize’.