Definition of banteng in US English:



  • A Southeast Asian forest ox that resembles the domestic cow. It has been domesticated in Bali.

    Bos javanicus, family Bovidae

    • ‘Nevertheless, the kouprey is shy and more difficult to kill than either gaur or banteng.’
    • ‘The banteng once roamed the forests in many parts of the Kingdom.’
    • ‘To create the banteng, scientists inserted DNA from the dead banteng's skin cells into egg cells from closely related domestic cows, producing embryos.’
    • ‘These species do not share other mutations, so taurine cattle, zebu, banteng, and gayal all occupy separate branches in the network.’
    • ‘We understand today that in the Indochinese countries, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, there are three species of wild cattle: the gaur, the banteng and the nearly extinct Kouprey.’


Early 19th century: from Malay.