Definition of banksia in US English:



  • An evergreen Australian shrub that typically has narrow leathery leaves and numerous small flowers borne on cylindrical spikes (often likened to bottlebrushes).

    Genus Banksia, family Proteaceae

    • ‘The pavilions will house plants from temperate regions of the southern hemisphere such as passion flowers, camellias, banksias, tea trees and wattles.’
    • ‘Her last design, a tall stand, displayed large palm leaves and monstera leaves, with banksias, five red exotic lilies, stralitzias and bronze anthuriums.’
    • ‘There are a great many flowering bushes such as the distinctively Australian banksias, and red-tailed skinks are often seen sunning themselves on the rocks.’
    • ‘Nectar eaters love trees such as grevillias, banksias and bottlebrush.’
    • ‘The Bangalow palm, the waratah, the fire-wheel flower, the banksia and the Sturt desert pea are all captured in this way.’


Modern Latin, named after Sir Joseph Banks (see Banks, Sir Joseph).