Definition of banker in English:



  • 1An officer or owner of a bank or group of banks.

    • ‘The banker managed the personal wealth assets of some of the star CEOs of technology enterprises.’
    • ‘He began meeting bankers and fund managers and mastered the workings of our financial sector.’
    • ‘The frank talk focuses on profit, healthy food, markets, marketing, progressive management, and bankers.’
    • ‘It is seeking to hire from Dublin investment banking professionals, asset management bankers, corporate finance, and project and trade finance experts.’
    • ‘If you have a black American Express card and a Ferrari in the garage, you also have a private banker managing your wealth.’
    • ‘City professionals include Lloyd's of London insurance men, financial PRs, lawyers and accountants as well as bankers and fund managers.’
    • ‘Also on Monday, 25 Jackson accountants, lawyers, bankers and managers will meet to discuss the star's business affairs.’
    • ‘Licensed stock brokers, bankers, and gambling-casino employees can all be checked by their employers as well.’
    • ‘And we all know that, as well as being a brilliant banker, Royal Bank boss Fred Goodwin is a very ambitious man.’
    • ‘This led in 1881 to the incorporation of a privately owned company financed by industrialists and bankers with headquarters in Montreal.’
    • ‘Investment bankers spend millions on artists' lofts in scruffy, but fashionable parts of town.’
    • ‘Horan, a former central banker and currently managing director of BoI Finance, is on the final shortlist for the position of deputy to Ruane.’
    • ‘The article discusses six Barclays bankers who managed to spend £44,000 on one meal.’
    • ‘They do it to bulge the bank accounts of bankers, company managers, and investors all over the world.’
    • ‘We have been acting as bankers and managers to public issues.’
    • ‘While this is happening, property owners/speculators, bankers and financial services have never had it as good.’
    • ‘‘There is still demand for business bankers, wealth managers, internal auditors and risk roles,’ said Cosgrove.’
    • ‘In the 1960s he had a chance to take his Brooklyn factory public, but the bankers would give management only 40% of the deal.’
    • ‘He supplied Glasgow coffee houses where the stockbrokers and bankers met to talk business and read the journals of the day.’
    • ‘Around me in the East Stand upper tier are an assortment of senior company directors, bankers, hedge-fund managers, and, curiously, quite a few mini-cab drivers.’
    investor, speculator, banker, capitalist, industrialist, tycoon, magnate, business person, businessman, businesswoman, stockbroker
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    1. 1.1 The person running the table, controlling play, or acting as dealer in some gambling or board games.
      • ‘The players other than the banker take turns to ask for cards and place bets.’
      • ‘The banker puts a small puck or other marker on the table in front of him.’
      • ‘Once all bets are down, the banker rolls three six-sided dice marked with the same symbols as on the table.’
      • ‘Some play that after everyone else has made their initial bet, the banker looks at his own first card and can choose to double the bets.’
      • ‘To win at Pai Gow poker, you have to beat both of the banker's hands with both of your hands.’
      • ‘Casino bankers are Samurai blades in the drawer, right?’
      • ‘The bankers on the other side of the table, Eliza and Franklin, chuckle good-naturedly.’
      • ‘When you bet, you place the money on the table and the banker detaches an equal amount from the bank to match your bet.’
      • ‘The reason is that you can lower variance in baccarat tournaments by betting on both banker and player in certain situations and guarantee a profit.’
      • ‘I, the ever level-headed banker, couldn't control myself.’
      • ‘In Pai Gow Poker, do you ever recommend being the banker?’
      clerk, bank clerk, teller, bank teller, banker, treasurer, bursar, purser
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Mid 16th century: from French banquier, from banque (see bank).