Definition of bank vole in US English:

bank vole


  • A common reddish-brown Eurasian vole that lives in woodland and scrub.

    Clethrionomys glareolus, family Muridae

    • ‘Captive bank voles, for example, changed the location of their larder hoard when a conspecific was introduced to their arena.’
    • ‘The estimate for vole abundance is expressed as the number of voles per 100 trap nights and combines field and bank vole numbers.’
    • ‘The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs said the chipmunks are quite harmless to humans, but could muscle out wood mice and bank voles in the fight for seeds, nuts and berries.’
    • ‘There were field voles in the long grass and bank voles in the hedgerows, and he saw rabbits everywhere.’
    • ‘Another trap held a very jumpy bank vole, which was also weighed before it was returned, unharmed, to the undergrowth.’