Definition of bank on in English:

bank on

phrasal verb

  • Base one's hopes or confidence on.

    ‘they can bank on my winning 25 games next year’
    • ‘Shoutmail is banking on convenience and ease of use to expand its user base and to attract advertisers in the process.’
    • ‘The company is banking on competing with Cisco based on its laser-beam focus on the cable market.’
    • ‘China is also hoping to bank on the region's proximity to Japan and Korea.’
    • ‘I'm still banking on a decent turnaround, though, based on his overall history.’
    • ‘To achieve a winning season, the Rockies are banking on a return to their Blake Street Bomber days.’
    rely on, depend on, count on, place reliance on, bargain on, plan on, reckon on, calculate on, presume on
    anticipate, expect, pin one's hopes on, hope for, take for granted, take as read, take on trust
    be confident of, have confidence in, have every confidence in, place confidence in, place one's confidence in, be sure of, pin one's faith on, trust in
    figure on
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