Definition of bank card in English:

bank card


  • A plastic card issued by a bank which enables a customer to withdraw money at an automated teller machine.

    • ‘Fraudsters have stolen thousands of pounds from innocent shoppers in a highly - sophisticated bank card machine scam in York.’
    • ‘When her transaction was completed, the machine released her bank card but a length of tape came out with it.’
    • ‘A woman thought she had hit the jackpot when she slipped her bank card into a cash machine and found her account was £21,000 in credit.’
    • ‘If there does have to be some way of ‘definitively’ proving that a passport, ID card, or bank card belongs to the person holding it, then fingerprints or iris scans are relatively simple and immutable.’
    • ‘DC Hardman said: ‘These people might flash a card at you and it could be a bank card or a driving licence.’’
    • ‘I had up to fifty dollars, my bank card and important cards like my driving license and my health card.’
    • ‘Criminals implant devices in chip and pin machines that copy a bank card's magnetic strip and record the pin number.’
    • ‘An hour after her husband reportedly dropped her off, the missing woman's bank card was used to withdraw £100 from a cash machine in Dumfries.’
    • ‘The Bank of Ireland partnership offers students a dual ISIC student travel and bank card, while AIB is offering a free ISIC card to new account holders.’
    • ‘When he did visit the bank, he was informed by an official that his bank card was not in the machine.’
    • ‘These conversations apparently were about money withdrawals, theft of a bank card and a false card.’
    • ‘When a bank card is inserted, the device records information from the card's magnetic strip, which the thieves can download on to computers.’
    • ‘Mr Morgan took it to mean McDonagh wanted him to extract some money from a machine with his bank card.’
    • ‘They are thought to be making bogus company cheques - which do not need the signatory to produce any proof of identification or bank card.’
    • ‘Thus, my bank card, credit card, driver's licence, and passport will likely not fall to the same attack.’
    • ‘So I handed over my driver's license and my bank card.’
    • ‘For guys it's like remembering a phone number or pin number to your bank card.’
    • ‘I felt baffled by the logic of these security measures, and explained that it had rejected my British bank card.’
    • ‘He stole the boy's money, bank card and some vouchers, forced him to tell the card's PIN number and warned him: ‘If you are lying, I will find you and kill you.’’
    • ‘Charlotte Moore, 26, of Rivertons, Vange has had a bank card, letters from the tax office and birthday cards stolen.’


bank card

/ˈbaNGk ˌkärd/