Definition of bang (or knock or crack) people's heads together in US English:

bang (or knock or crack) people's heads together


  • Reprimand people severely, especially in an attempt to stop their arguing.

    • ‘Big organizations exist because there are economies of scale, or because - as Ronald Coase pointed out in this classic paper - it's more efficient to run things by banging people's heads together than by haggling over contracts.’
    • ‘We were inches away and if he had not taken that initiative - something John is very good at - of knocking people's heads together and forcing them to come to an agreement to settle matters or to say ‘we cannot make an agreement’, that would not have been done.’
    • ‘This lying, prevarication and knocking people's heads together is standard practice.’
    • ‘I just think it's fun to knock people's heads together and call attention to how silly arguing over NOTHING can be.’