Definition of bandstand in US English:



  • 1A covered outdoor platform for a band to play on, typically in a park.

    • ‘Local bands provided live music from the bandstand throughout the event, starting at 10 with Idle Threat, a young band whose line-up includes a 10-year-old drummer.’
    • ‘Four lights have been erected around the bandstand in Lund Park, Keighley, and the entrance in Malsis Road.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, in the field there are still plans to create a bandstand, small car park and playground, although the mission to have a skatepark has been dropped after it lost its planning appeal.’
    • ‘The canopy was supported by four ornate wrought iron columns that were leftover from the bandstand in the park.’
    • ‘In June 1897, as the country was bedecked in red, white and blue bunting to celebrate the 60th year of the Queen's reign, the bandstand in Victoria Park, Swinton, was not ready.’
    • ‘The collection includes views of City Square, well-kept parks and pristine bandstands, the Civic Hall, Boar Lane, and photographs from inside the infirmary.’
    • ‘They remind me of the bandstands that jazz bands used to play in when I was a young girl in the South.’
    • ‘Most of the festival centred itself around the bandstand in the Arboretum park, with its surrounding paved semi-amphitheatre, and a grassy sitting area beyond that.’
    • ‘Last Saturday they met up again, beside the park bandstand and he handed his wife a bar of chocolate, as he had, all those years before.’
    • ‘I also remember this great soul band that used to play in a bandstand in the park on our holidays at Butlins at nearby Ayr.’
    • ‘I met the Frootbat beside the bandstand in the Exhibition Park at about 3.30 and we set off up to the Moor.’
    • ‘The collage is based on a sheet of calico and depicts many familiar Chippenham landmarks such as the river, the war memorial, the Western Arches and the park bandstand.’
    • ‘There is a picture of an outdoor bandstand and a shot of a wooded path.’
    • ‘It also suggested as secret meeting places Wimbledon Post Office, the bandstand in Hendon Public Park, Chelsea Town Hall and the ABC Cafe opposite Ealing Broadway Tube Station.’
    • ‘As well as providing music for ceremonies and on the march, military bands play on bandstands, in concert halls, and for all manner of social purposes.’
    • ‘On Sunday her campaign was finally concluded when the completed bandstand in Clarence Park was officially opened.’
    • ‘There was a sprinkling of decorative buildings, including an open bandstand where a brass band was entertaining a gathering of deck-chairs and the odd snoozing music lover.’
    • ‘The bandstands in Cubbon Park and Lalbagh were built during the British regime and at that time, Western bands used to entertain people on Sunday evenings.’
    • ‘There were bandstands in the parks, but no factories.’
    • ‘Mrs Walsh said: ‘We hope very much that the new skate park will deter people from using the bandstand.’’
    1. 1.1 A raised platform for performing musicians in a restaurant or dance hall.
      • ‘We set off mid-morning to the bandstand where we would be performing, to hear some of the choirs that were up ahead of us.’
      • ‘Solo space is allotted in accordance with the success or failure of the improviser as adjudicated on the spot by both the musicians on the bandstand and the listeners in the audience.’
      • ‘Loud jazz music, courtesy of the band, sitting on the stage in their bandstand, filled the entire room, concealing the ceaseless, monotonous drone of private conversation.’
      • ‘The music, coming from the bandstand on the stage behind her, flowed slow and sweet, as Victoria Moore, still shadowed, began to sing.’
      • ‘When the musicians returned to the bandstand, they played the song for me.’
      • ‘I, however, was walking toward the bandstand, where the musicians played.’
      • ‘Shortly thereafter, the young musician found himself sharing the bandstand with bebop legend Red Rodney, something that would paralyze a lot of neophytes with performance anxiety.’
      • ‘R & B with a liberal dose of blues and soul are the calling cards of this party band; they take over the bandstand through Saturday night.’
      • ‘A modern take on the ocean liner's winter garden, this bright, airy space, complete with bandstand and dance floor, spans Lido Deck forward.’
      • ‘In 1910, a bandstand was erected for the then popular live brass band music.’
      • ‘We have the bandstand where the orchestra plays in the morning blacked out with curtains to make it more impressive.’
      • ‘When the band broke into ‘We'll Meet Again ’, I was expecting Dame Vera Lynn to pop up from the centre of the bandstand and led everyone in ‘White Cliffs of Dover’.’