Definition of bandleader in US English:


(also band leader)


  • A player or conductor at the head of a musical band.

    • ‘All of these writers would benefit from rethinking their definitions of a musician; in these books the term is generally limited to signifying singers, songwriters, and bandleaders.’
    • ‘Goodman was one of the first big-name bandleaders to feature African American musicians in his ensemble.’
    • ‘Ives had worshipped his father, a bandleader who was always trying to ‘stretch’ his ears with unusual sounds.’
    • ‘I can make enough as a bandleader and itinerant musician to eke by, supplemented with the occasional website construction gig here and there.’
    • ‘I'm the bandleader, and he's one of the musicians.’
    • ‘Eventually, that evolved into paying off bandleaders to feature their music on late-night radio broadcasts.’
    • ‘In 1885 he started a journal for bandleaders, The Metronome.’
    • ‘It's kind of a burden being the bandleader and writing the songs.’
    • ‘Clearly a musical talent, Warren became the pianist and bandleader for the Everly Brothers for the next two years.’
    • ‘The album begins very quietly, with a careful dialogue between piano and percussion, the bandleader establishing his preference for fleeting cymbal caresses and detailed woodblock clusters.’
    • ‘In 1972 he signed a contract with Milestone Records where he developed as a bandleader and solo acoustic pianist, winning two Grammy Award nominations.’
    • ‘Singers, composers and bandleaders have been drawing inspiration from all the borders of the sea to enliven and enrich their recipes.’
    • ‘Smith was a prolific early-twentieth-century Chicago musician who served as a teacher, a bandleader, and composer.’
    • ‘John Barry returned to York earlier this year to receive the Freedom of the City and recalled with affection the bandleader and trumpeter Johnny Sutton.’
    • ‘But Handy did indeed become a musician, albeit a commercial bandleader playing light classical music and the popular songs of the day.’
    • ‘Smokey Robinson was one of the heroes of our age: singer, songwriter, bandleader, producer, businessman.’
    • ‘Local musical icon Joey Lewis celebrates 50 years as a bandleader this year.’
    • ‘He dislikes classical music and refers to him throughout as a bandleader.’
    • ‘The switching of the power axis from one brother's writing to the other wouldn't be a problem though, if Mick weren't still the bandleader and chief songwriter.’
    • ‘As soon as the bandleader raised his baton, we stood up and my husband led me onto the floor.’