Definition of banana seat in US English:

banana seat


  • A narrow, elongated bicycle seat that curves up toward the rear.

    • ‘With her basket on the front, streamers on the handlebars, caps in the spokes, banana seat, pegs on the back tire and her trademark horn, I truly loved her.’
    • ‘From my banana seat bicycle, I always wondered what life was like on the other side of the boulevard.’
    • ‘He had a banana seat on his bike but his bike was not adorned with ‘spokie dokies ‘as he thought they were ‘geeky‘.’
    • ‘The banana seat, the cab-over-engine truck, and the fabulous pursuit plane were all designed by one of last century's preeminent designers, Viktor Schreckengost.’
    • ‘While occasionally forced in their performances, you can tell these ladies know their way around a banana seat.’
    • ‘If the last bike you bought came with a banana seat, you should know that much has changed in the world of bicycle manufacturing.’
    • ‘Mine was midnight blue with a banana seat and a three-speed gearshift.’
    • ‘It's tragic considering that many in the developing world would be popping joyous wheelies if given the chance to getting their butt on your banana seat.’
    • ‘Things near and dear to my youth are fading into mere memories; drive-in movies, banana seats on bicycles and travel agents.’
    • ‘Yep, I had a banana seat bike.’
    • ‘He was thirty-two years old and owned a bike with a banana seat and training wheels.’
    • ‘I lost my bike-theft victim virginity at age nine, when I disembarked the banana seat and dropped my Schwinn down at 227 Westminster, never to see it again.’