Definition of banana oil in US English:

banana oil


  • A colorless liquid with a odor like that of bananas, used in flavorings and as a solvent.

    Chemical formula: CH₃CO₂C₅H₁₁

    • ‘In the early day, it was served with mild flavor of sugar and banana oil.’
    • ‘The Dictionary of Misinformation cheerfully informs us that banana oil is not made from bananas; SOS is not an abbreviation for ‘Save Our Ship ‘(or ‘Save Our Souls ‘either); and Spanish moss really isn't moss at all.’
    • ‘She remembered having to fool her children by cooking parsnips, putting in drops of banana oil purchased at the chemists, sprinkling a few grains of sugar over the top and telling them it was bananas.’
    • ‘The first is caused by allergic agents from the outside environment, including dust, pollen, banana oil and chloroform.’