Definition of bamboo shoot in English:

bamboo shoot


  • A young shoot of bamboo, eaten as a vegetable.

    • ‘The vegetables can range from asparagus, beansprout or bamboo shoots to babycorn and bell pepper.’
    • ‘Vegetables are mainly grown at home and include bamboo shoots, soybeans, sweet potatoes, corn, greens of various kinds, onions, and other root crops.’
    • ‘Add a little extra oil and the chilli, mushrooms, mangetout, bamboo shoots and bean sprouts, tossing well.’
    • ‘It takes only about 14 days for a bamboo shoot to turn into a tall tree.’
    • ‘Colder foods are bamboo shoot, banana, watercress, watermelon and seaweed.’
    • ‘It's almost suffocatingly nourishing, with plenty of chilis and vinegar, bamboo shoots, carrots, chicken, egg, tofu, pork, baby shrimp, and mushrooms.’
    • ‘I got the red curry with chicken, potatoes, straw mushrooms, and bamboo shoots.’
    • ‘There is a restaurant where delicious local dishes such as duck soup, bamboo shoots and sour vegetables may be enjoyed.’
    • ‘This diet suggests daily doses of fresh vegetables, including turnips, mustard greens, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, bok choy, ginger root and sea vegetables.’
    • ‘The women gather bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and other wild plants in the forest.’
    • ‘They have been chosen to create awareness about the unique fabric made out of bamboo shoot.’
    • ‘The dish included a good range of crunchy vegetables - broccoli, green peppers, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, cashew nuts and onion among them.’
    • ‘All the usual favourites, both steamed and deep-fried are on offer such as steamed chopped shrimp stuffed broccoli or steamed shredded duck and bamboo shoot rolls.’
    • ‘Don Hoi Lord's namesake crustacean is about four centimetres long and looks like a section of bamboo shoot.’
    • ‘Certain plants, such as bamboo shoots and wild yams, were eaten in good years as well.’
    • ‘The mushroom dish turned out to be a fairly normal sautéed vegetable dish - bamboo shoots, snow peas and broccoli - with the addition of the hydnum mushrooms.’
    • ‘At lunch time, chefs from Anji will prepare a healthy bamboo shoot feast, where 100 dishes will be available to choose from.’
    • ‘A single mushroom can sell for nearly $400; one peach, $25; a bamboo shoot, $38; two eggs, $12 and you can get square watermelons grown that way to make them easier to stack for $200.’
    • ‘Much is made, too, of the life-enhancing qualities of local food staples such as bamboo shoots and other root vegetables.’
    • ‘Most of the preparations dished out by Liu have extensive use of black pepper, bean sauce, bamboo shoots, bean curd, mushrooms, red pepper sauce, sprouts and green chilly paste.’


bamboo shoot

/ˈˌbamˈbo͞o SHo͞ot/