Definition of Balto-Slavic in US English:



  • A branch of the Indo-European language family that includes the Baltic and Slavic languages.

    • ‘The linking of Indic and Iranian as Indo-Iranian, and of Baltic and Slavic as Balto-Slavic, seems much more generally accepted, however.’
    • ‘Those who favor the Balto-Slavic myth place a lot of emphasis on phonemic pitch in Baltic and Slavic.’
    • ‘This book tries to demonstrate that the value of Latvian data for Balto-Slavic accentology has hitherto not been fully recognized.’
    • ‘Balto-Slavic is next, although I am not sure a Proto Balto-Slavic is a reasonable reconstruction to make.’
    • ‘All papers dealing with the accentuation of Balto-Slavic, Slavic, or various Baltic and Slavic languages are welcomed.’


  • Relating to Balto-Slavic.

    • ‘It should be noted that the Ural-Altaic peoples freely mixed with the Balto-Slavic peoples over the centuries.’