Definition of balmy in US English:


adjectivebalmiest, balmier

  • 1(of the weather) pleasantly warm.

    ‘the balmy days of late summer’
    • ‘The weather was balmy with a pleasant temperature.’
    • ‘Everything was tossed into further bloom and the weather was warm and balmy every day.’
    • ‘Friday was officially the last day of the wet season and, as if to commemorate its passing, the evening was warm, still and balmy.’
    • ‘Just got back from coffee break, where a few of us were sitting out in front of the Leabharlainn, enjoying some fine balmy early-autumn weather.’
    • ‘Interstate visitors commented that we who live here take it all for granted, alluding to clear days, balmy nights and the Ranges at our doorstep.’
    • ‘I find myself on a balmy, sunny day, pounding the streets of an ancient city in search of contemporary art.’
    • ‘Where was the balmy weather for which California is known?’
    • ‘Nevertheless, it was a delightful town, and on this particular day the weather was warm and balmy.’
    • ‘It was a balmy, sunny, tropical day, and the waters looked clear and calm.’
    • ‘I mean, it's not balmy or sunny, but it's not too bad either, considering I was still wearing two layers of clothes a week ago.’
    • ‘We sat side by side on the lounge, the jazzy tune softly streaming through the speakers on a warm and balmy summer's night.’
    • ‘Two balmy and often sunny days passed right before our eyes.’
    • ‘York may have been basking in balmy weather this week - but the elderly and vulnerable in the city were today warned to brace themselves for what could be the coldest winter in nearly a decade.’
    • ‘One night the moon was full, the sky clear, and the air balmy, so my partner and I had dinner and waited for dark.’
    • ‘It is easy to be blinded by the brilliance of that balmy Melbourne night.’
    • ‘The Big Chill came just days after balmy weather which saw temperatures reaching double figures at the start of the week.’
    • ‘Dinner served here under the stars on a warm balmy night is unforgettable - rather like the entire Curaçao experience.’
    • ‘It was such a balmy evening we chose to sit outside, a decision we did not regret.’
    • ‘Sunny beaches and balmy winters are part of the good life in Florida.’
    • ‘It was particularly taxing, because with the clear skies, warm sun, and still, balmy weather we experienced for the entire journey, it became really quite hot in the car.’
    mild, gentle, temperate, summery, calm, tranquil, clement, fine, pleasant, benign, soothing, soft
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  • 2North American dated Extremely foolish; eccentric.

    ‘this is a balmy decision’
    • ‘Both have palmy trees and sunny places in the south; both have balmy people and shady characters in the north.’
    1. 2.1 Mad; crazy.
      ‘I think he's gone balmy again’