Definition of ballottine in US English:



  • A dish of meat, poultry, or fish that is stuffed and rolled.

    • ‘Next up for me was a tasty pheasant ballottine, incredibly fresh although it must've taken a lot of preparation.’
    • ‘My dining companion and I elected to begin with foie gras ballottine with truffled cauliflower and white peach soup.’
    • ‘Marks & Spencer sells Oisin-farmed venison steaks and joints; and, from the end of November, deboned and stuffed ballottine of pheasant.’
    • ‘A quadripartite pig plate comprises hot charcuterie in the form of ballottine, loin, and, unusually for a French restaurant, hot crackling.’
    • ‘Move on to complex appetizers like pheasant ballottine, a cylinder of braised meat surrounded by a savoury sauce and tiny little apples.’