Definition of balloon-tired in US English:


(British balloon-tyred)


  • See balloon tire

    • ‘‘Each day, with a backpack full of instruments, we rode across the salt on balloon-tyred motorbikes to the centre of the lake,’ says Ms Campbell.’
    • ‘They were able to negotiate the surface of the Lake with three-wheeled balloon-tyred Honda buggies and they had radio communication with Muloorina Station.’
    • ‘The maximum speed was approximately 30 km/h, considered by the designers to be a speed that would not impair the life of a standard balloon-tyred bicycle.’
    • ‘Ride quality is very good too, absorbing poor surfaces and road humps like a balloon-tyred 4x4 despite the car's diminutive size.’
    • ‘There is only one Brit classic which has really got my visual attention over the years - the balloon-tyred Sunbeam S7 that was produced for a couple of years.’