Definition of balloon-like in US English:



  • Having a bulbous, rounded shape, tapering at one end.

    ‘millions of microscopic balloon-like sacs called alveoli’
    • ‘Though Griffin's characters are soft-looking and balloon-like, there is nothing cute about them.’
    • ‘It was an old-fashioned thing, with a wide, awkward-looking seat and big, balloon-like tires.’
    • ‘The waiter brings the wine, which is poured into massive balloon-like glasses, which is just as well as the wine is then taken to the waiter's station and brought back for top-ups a touch too infrequently.’
    • ‘The company developed a medical device, a balloon-like stent that expanded and contracted to prevent debris from blocking small arteries during heart surgery.’
    • ‘The chest radiograph showed a balloon-like enlargement of the heart similar to the previous one made 20 years earlier.’
    • ‘The shiny, blue-black layer on each fruit body is comprised of thousands of balloon-like cells, each containing eight spores.’
    • ‘I stood on the dock and watched the sailboats flying spinnakers - those large, colorful, balloon-like sails - and thought about my time here.’
    • ‘These protein and lipid molecules are then transported inside lysosomes (minute, balloon-like sacs) within the cell.’
    • ‘Lesquerella fendleri, commonly known as bladderpod or popweed because of its balloon-like seed pods, is a strong potential candidate to replace castor plants as a source of hydroxy fatty acids.’
    • ‘In the photo A below, they are the two gigantic balloon-like structures protruding to the left.’
    • ‘On love-in-a-puff, one-inch pale green balloon-like seed pods pop between your fingers.’
    • ‘Modern birds have a series of balloon-like air sacs in their bodies that reduce their weight and aid respiration.’
    • ‘The balloon-like buds may open into semi-double flowers having ten petals instead of the regulation five.’
    • ‘Adult males are mainly black, with a red-coloured throat pouch which is inflated, balloon-like, during courtship.’
    circular, disc-shaped, disc-like
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