Definition of ballistocardiogram in US English:



  • A record made by a ballistocardiograph.

    • ‘Great disturbances in ballistocardiograms were observed on days preceding embryonic deaths.’
    • ‘In addition, PCA is an easy way to remove the ballistocardiogram artifact by eliminating the first principal component.’
    • ‘Pre-and postoperative ballistocardiograms were analyzed in approximately 100 patients with surgically amenable cardiovascular diseases.’
    • ‘A motion transducer or more specifically an accelerometer may be used to generate a ballistocardiogram.’
    • ‘The authors concluded that sternal acceleration ballistocardiogram combined with hemodynamic and demographic data in a probabilistic model shows promise.’
    • ‘Movement artifact and the ballistocardiogram artifact can be minimized by the EEG setup, and the RF artifact can be filtered out with appropriate software.’
    • ‘From this it appears that it is only the low-frequency bcg that gives ballistocardiograms that are distorted slightly.’
    • ‘Examination by a cardiologist included electrocardiograms and ballistocardiograms.’