Definition of balkline in US English:


(also balk line)


  • A line on a billiard table marking off an area in which play is restricted.

    • ‘More difficult are cushion caroms and balkline, in which restrictions are imposed by lines drawn on the table.’
    • ‘The cue ball is played from any point on or behind the baulk line by the breaking player.’
    • ‘As far as I know, no one writing about snooker has used the baulk line before as a guide to straight cueing.’
    • ‘Without balklines they cunningly collect the three balls near a cushion and ‘nurse’ them endlessly… click click… click click… scoring indefinitely.’
    • ‘Also, I've put the red, blue, green and black lines in the approximate location of 14’ balklines.’
    • ‘Balls one to nine are racked up in a diamond with the nine ball in the middle and the one ball nearest the baulk line.’
    • ‘Balls in a trough or behind the baulk line waiting to be played are referred to as being ‘in baulk’.’
    • ‘Except for the center rectangle, each rectangle formed by the balklines is a ‘balk area.’’
    • ‘The match was played under professional rules, which means that the white ball has to cross the baulk line every 100 points, and that makes it much more difficult to build breaks.’
    • ‘Eli took me under his wing and showed me a lot of basic concepts and finer points of making gathers in straight rail and balkline carom billiards.’