Definition of Balinese in US English:



  • Relating to Bali or its people or language.

    • ‘In Bali she founded the Balinese gamelan orchestras Tirta and Irama.’
    • ‘You say that your Japanese period came long after you visited Japan but your Balinese period came long before you ever visited Bali.’
    • ‘These efforts have focussed on restoring spiritual balance through ritual purification ceremonies, which reinforce an inherently apolitical Balinese self-image.’
    • ‘The hotel itself, with 278 rooms, is a low-lying Balinese inspired building - no building can be higher than a coconut tree, remember?’
    • ‘I would suspect it was more Bali economy, for the Balinese lifestyle is village-based, deeply spiritual and anything but decadent.’
    • ‘When I was there I listened to the Balinese / Western fusion on the radio and it was stunning.’
    • ‘The area was thickly colonized by bamboo groves, known in Balinese language as tihing; hence the origin of its current name, Tihingan.’
    • ‘A Great House and two Balinese annexes - Hi and Lo - offer sumptuous sleeping options for private pirates and their tag-along crew.’
    • ‘Violence in Balinese society is usually tucked away as an unexamined aspect of discourses of ‘tradition’ and ‘culture.’’
    • ‘Whatever the reason, every official and member of society must realize that Bali belongs to every Balinese person.’
    • ‘The Balinese checkered cloth symbolizes the balance of good and evil.’
    • ‘The Balinese language has a system of politeness levels.’
    • ‘In popular ideas of Balinese identity, the highland people feature as the conceptual counterpart to the royal houses established in the southern lowlands of the island.’
    • ‘But then, having stripped down musical composition, he infused it with African and Balinese harmonies, and made it more technologically complex.’
    • ‘The word betutu actually means ‘yellow spice’ in the Balinese language.’
    • ‘In 1980 he stayed in Ubud, Bali, with noted Balinese painter, Nyoman Lempad.’
    • ‘The skirt cloths and the Balinese textiles have a strong integrative bias, featuring tie and dye skills, the use of natural dyes along with the indigenous batik tradition.’
    • ‘With hands and eyes free, you can soak up the delights of the Balinese countryside: the green baize of the paddy fields, the split gate temples, the daily processions.’
    • ‘Symmetrical harmony of structure and individual expression replace the free-flow carving and communal symbolism of traditional Balinese sculpture.’
    • ‘Moreover, for over a decade, cartoons have played a pivotal role in shaping the Balinese people's opinion and position on various developments on their island.’


  • 1A native of Bali.

    • ‘It is not only the culture of MTV that defines the lives and aspirations of young, urban Balinese.’
    • ‘To the Balinese, being singled out as particularly talented in the arts would be a source of embarrassment rather than pride.’
    • ‘Alternatively, the Balinese may be less likely to press the button, due to demand characteristics.’
    • ‘A few locals gather at night, offering a rare chance to chat with the Balinese on much more equal terms than in the tourist traps - learning a spot of Indonesian is part of the service.’
    • ‘Some 70 percent of the Balinese earn a living from agriculture.’
    • ‘The Balinese have far tougher feet than we western divers.’
    • ‘The Balinese thrive on custom and ritual, and they've crafted elaborate costumes and buildings to support those rituals.’
    • ‘It was an impressive venue to the Balinese, as it housed Westerners almost exclusively, and few of them had been as high as the fifth floor, where the experiment was held.’
    • ‘And no other face fascinates him more at the moment than that of a Balinese.’
    • ‘The best way to protect yourself, in the mind of a Balinese with OCD, is to find out everything you can about him.’
    • ‘So let me relay Conrad's idea for how to help the Balinese (via the daily dose).’
    • ‘Certainly there is no historic precedent for this kind of thinking in Bali, where Muslims and Balinese have always lived side-by-side in relative peace.’
    • ‘The Balinese follow a distinct brand of Hinduism combined with elements of Buddhism and other ancient beliefs; and that religion plays a large role in everyday life.’
    • ‘When visiting the foundation's office in Sanur last week, Fawcet was seen busy making phone calls to seek assistance from his global contacts for the poor Balinese.’
    • ‘Traditionally the Balinese have accepted Javanese rule, and in return the Javanese would largely leave Bali alone.’
    • ‘Hinduism influenced cultures throughout Southeast Asia, but only one people are Hindu, the Balinese.’
    • ‘Ascher explains how visualizing their calendar as a tika enables the Balinese to solve, in their heads, complicated questions about the occurrence of specific calendar days.’
    • ‘For centuries, the Balinese have considered the sea sanctified.’
    • ‘In general, the Balinese believe that psychic abilities are derived from divine sources, but they also believe that psychic functioning can be developed from meditative practices.’
    • ‘It has become almost a cliché for Australians to remark on the peacefulness of the Balinese.’
    • ‘The resort is located on the slopes of Gunung Agung, the sacred mountain for the Balinese in East Bali.’
    • ‘Gamelan music is almost inseparable from the life of the Balinese.’
    • ‘There are even Balinese who walk the streets with baskets of bungkus on their heads selling the delicious delights.’
    • ‘Bateson and Mead were captivated with the barong and, in collaboration with the Balinese, commissioned new forms of the barong dance.’
    • ‘The throngs of visitors both native Balinese and foreign guests have come to witness a ritual that has not been performed in Bali in living memory.’
    • ‘Furthermore, he said that tourism is not an ultimate goal but a means to achieve the goal that is primarily the welfare of Balinese and Indonesians, in general.’
    • ‘The Balinese also have Anantaboga, their own version of the primeval Indian serpent Ananta.’
    • ‘Can you tell me you love the Balinese as brothers?’
    • ‘They were also deeply impressed by the warmth and the hospitality of the Balinese, and the amazing breadth of artistic expression that pervaded daily life.’
    • ‘The bombs failed to destroy the love and unity the Balinese share with people from all nations.’
    • ‘It must be kept in mind that Bali-cum-paradise was not developed exclusively by, or even for, the Balinese.’
    • ‘For visitors from the south, battered by the stresses of city living, this seems to add up to an idea of holiday paradise, even if it is just a way of life for the Balinese.’
    • ‘The Balinese rarely drink large amounts of alcohol and so foreigners were easily the prime consumers.’
    • ‘The temple is a place of worship for both the Chinese and the Balinese.’
    • ‘At the end, the Florinese gave a hand-woven cloth to the Balinese, while the Balinese gave a wonderful mask to the Papuans.’
  • 2The Indonesian language of Bali.

    • ‘I wasn't quite sure at first how we'd manage, but all resort staff minimally spoke Balinese and English, and I even overheard some staff speaking Japanese.’
    • ‘The interview has been translated from Balinese.’
    • ‘I can speak basic conversational Indonesian and I'm starting to learn Balinese.’
    • ‘I told one guy I’d like to learn Balinese and he told me it would be necessary to live in the village but not to worry because it is easy.’