Definition of Bajan in US English:


adjective & noun

  • another term for Barbadian
    • ‘Instead of allowing Bajan English to enliven his writing, he chose to make it an object of study and classification, taking on the role of amateur lexicographer in his popular Notes for a Glossary of Words and Phrases of Barbadian Dialect.’
    • ‘Still, I implore my fellow Bajans to avoid declaring that they should be less important to their MP than the party leadership, as we have allowed our representatives to do here.’
    • ‘And most people you talk to will say that the Guyanese people who come here do work that Bajans don't want to do, they do it well, they work hard, and they work for less than Bajans would be willing to accept.’
    • ‘Wherever you find yourself on the island - and if you drive that will be in some remote parts - Bajans were unfailingly friendly, which given the aforementioned road sign problems was a Godsend.’
    • ‘And this attitude towards us is not restricted to Bajans.’
    • ‘Well excuse me if I'm not entirely sympathetic about that, considering how Bajans get hassled just trying to get a tourist visa to visit the US.’
    • ‘Indeed many Bajans deplore Nelson's imminent departure, considering him an integral part of their history.’
    • ‘All I saw were the words Back-to-front written rather closely together so it appeared as almost one word Backtofront which I knew as a Bajan word and interpreted as a Bajan, mind you one without too much common sense, would.’
    • ‘It remains to be seen whether the Bajans and the Trinis start hanging them immediately.’
    • ‘Perhaps we may consider joint marketing with the Carib Girls from Trinidad, after all we have learnt from the Bajans that if you can't beat them, make joint bids.’
    • ‘And our observations in Barbados, (born out entire by totally subjective observation) was that Bajans can live in dignity on less money because their cost of living is lower.’
    • ‘What may have prevented federal prosecutors from bringing charges against other Bajans, including one woman, is a lack of strong evidence that they knew fraud and money laundering were occurring and participated in them.’
    • ‘The Bajans have a more studied approach to process and transformation.’
    • ‘Landlubber locals refer to the area by the name of the nearby village of Bathsheba; Bajan surfers prefer the title ‘Soup Bowl‘.’
    • ‘One of the brightest moments in the West Indies cricket team's recent South Africa tour was the work of a little-known 20-year-old Bajan, selected as a replacement for the third Test.’
    • ‘I am trying hard to understand these two and the many Bajans they are working up to a frenzy.’
    • ‘As I stepped out of the apartment yesterday, my 87-year-old Bajan neighbour equipped with a bottle of Tide and a handful of quarters, was quietly making her way down the hall into the laundry room.’
    • ‘I was browsing through it in a bookstore on Saturday past, and I plan to use it as the handbook for my personal mission to introduce some old time Bajan expressions into my vocabulary.’
    • ‘I had always thought that they were very quiet and laid back there, but I have been speaking with some Bajans at work recently, and they have informed me that this is not so anymore.’
    • ‘I have travelled to other Caribbean islands, and Bajans for example, do not have this type of aggression in them.’