Definition of Baggie in US English:



North American
  • 1A plastic bag typically used for storing food.

    • ‘Generally I place my bags in Baggie brand plastic sandwich bags.’
    • ‘Is there a plastic baggie brand with a ziplock seal that i could fill with water, drop 2 stories onto cement, and have it not break?’
    • ‘Use the Baggie brand--it has the right thickness to allow a bit of air exchange.’
    • ‘Kid's cooking feature, how to make Ice Cream in a Baggie, as featured in Fabulous Foods, the net's favorite cooking community.’
    • ‘My blocks didn't seem to fit in the gallon size zip locks I had, so I used the Baggie brand that come on a roll.’
    1. 1.1baggieinformal Any small plastic bag.
      • ‘Each child received a large, zip-locked plastic baggie to store their yarn, needle and basket.’
      • ‘I took the stupid advice and sticking my hand under freezing cold water, which soon numbed it, I fished around under the sink cabinet for a plastic baggie.’
      • ‘Grinning, I walked over to the freezer and pulled out some ice cubes sticking them in a little plastic baggie.’
      • ‘In a plastic baggie is a photo of three people standing in New York, the Twin Towers in the background.’
      • ‘That's when she brought out the gun, a 9mm in a plastic baggie, like one you would put a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in.’
      • ‘Aware that she was probably being watched by several of the more popular student body, she pulled a white, sealed, plastic baggie out of her pocket.’
      • ‘You can put the tablets in the corner of a little plastic baggie and pin it into the little pocket in your shorts.’
      • ‘In one way, the biome in a baggie model illustrates the water cycle on a global scale better than it does at the biome level.’
      • ‘I put it in a plastic baggie and secured it down in an obvious place and went out to the boat deck.’
      • ‘Take baby wipes or put several wet washcloths in a plastic baggie for wiping faces.’
      • ‘I'd take a plastic baggie and crush this mixture between my hands till it was good and squishy, then pour in the milk.’
      • ‘The statuesque redhead who had woken him handed him a set of silverware encased in a slim plastic baggie.’
      • ‘Bessie traded her oven mitt for a plastic glove and opened the baggie.’
      • ‘Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a small plastic baggie folded in half and rolled up.’
      • ‘Place it in a little plastic baggie and pin it inside your shorts.’
      • ‘Carry a plastic baggie of these treats everywhere with you.’
      • ‘The gun he shoved back into his back pocket, and the plastic baggie hidden in his palm he shoved into his right hand pocket.’
      • ‘His mother would often find a plastic baggie of dead worms and slugs in his pants pockets while she was doing the family laundry.’
      • ‘She stuck a hand in her pocket and pulled out a plastic baggie with a strand of dark hair inside.’
      • ‘Court adjourned; it's time to go find a plastic baggie.’