Definition of badness in US English:



  • 1Poor quality or low standard.

    ‘none of you are doing justice to the badness of this film’
    ‘the badness of the writing is astonishing’
    • ‘Brown is less unsettled by the badness of her verse than by the popularity of her bad verse.’
    • ‘Horrified at being served bass of the wrong flavor, he loudly complained of the badness of the fish.’
    • ‘Finally, the sheer force of the karaoke's badness knocked me backwards out the rear door.’
    • ‘Research into the causes of its badness revealed that the recipe called for a fourth of a teaspoon of salt in the filling.’
    • ‘We gave the two of them some wine, asking their opinion as to the condition, quality, goodness, or badness of the wine.’
    • ‘Perhaps a critic who sat at the drive-in in the '60s could walk down memory lane with you and revel in the supreme badness of these films.’
    • ‘The mail had not yet reached us, owing most probably to the badness of the roads.’
    • ‘Only one slice toasts at a time, which is pure badness in my book.’
    • ‘Right from the start the movie is a cornucopia of badness.’
    • ‘No one likes the elevator music, but they must endure the sheer bland badness being piped into their ears.’
  • 2Lack of or failure to conform to moral virtue; wickedness; evil.

    ‘she is not doing this out of badness’
    ‘the concepts of goodness and badness’
    • ‘Goodness must be praised in sonnets and lyrical monologues, pointing out that should evil prevail, badness will happen.’
    • ‘Injustice is a special kind of badness, one that necessarily involves wrongdoing.’
    • ‘People of higher power have always set penalties depending on the degree of badness of the crime.’
    • ‘Instead of a sentence that emphasizes the badness of the offender, they aim to discover, and then reinforce, a sense of worth in their students.’
    • ‘I'm sorry for all the badness I ever did.’
    • ‘An implicit appeal to eugenics persuades the reader that the innate badness of the suicidal killer can be known just by looking.’
    • ‘The new order of movie bad guys proved their badness by shooting lawmen in the back.’
    • ‘There is never a desire to blame all the badness on spirits or demons.’
    • ‘They all featured a strong, silent, bad-good man whose badness metamorphoses into redemptive goodness by the end of the final reel.’
    • ‘Should we accept that corporate bosses do bad things not because of the badness of their hearts but because they are obliged to?’