Definition of backup in English:



  • 1Help or support.

    ‘no police backup could be expected’
    • ‘Her face was ashen as she fumbling with her helmet, and I realized that her life support and backup had failed.’
    • ‘Several minutes later a call for backup came over the police radio.’
    • ‘Instead, like a Mafia boss, he provided protection, backup, and a reputation for brutality in return for a cut of the take.’
    • ‘If they suspect someone of being armed then they will need to call for backup from regular police as the community officers will not have the training or equipment to deal with suspected armed people.’
    • ‘Yet she had to meet that demand without any of the formal backup that a minister or minor royal would take for granted.’
    • ‘Once he got to seven he turned to go down and noticed the police had called backup because their numbers had tripled.’
    • ‘The support and backup are great, and I can now help clients with a complete range of legal services, not just the ones I specialize in.’
    • ‘When confidence and good fortune stops, you need backup and we have not got that kind of support.’
    • ‘‘We found the transmitter within an hour and called police for backup,’ one of the enforcement officers told us.’
    • ‘Support groups providing backup for people to resist the cravings are available in Darwen and Accrington, with a new group expected to start in Clitheroe next month.’
    • ‘Police immediately called for backup feeling that the scene was becoming too unsettled.’
    • ‘Of the people surveyed 14 per cent said they had pet insurance, compared to 20 per cent of companies which have external support or backup.’
    • ‘Junior nurses have no backup or support and become disillusioned and leave.’
    • ‘These were people who were never out of their own parish and they were sent to England without any sort of backup or support.’
    • ‘As a police officer, he has access to certain assault weapons and handguns, as well as receiving a certain amount of backup from other police officers.’
    • ‘They wanted to ask corporate management for additional funds but needed financial backup to support their request.’
    • ‘We've a lot of air support and a lot of backup as opposed to these small covert wars that we've been used to fighting.’
    • ‘The next meeting will take place in November and will include such items as assessment, support and backup.’
    • ‘Calling for backup, the police then arrested several more onlookers who had entered into the fray.’
    • ‘A support boat will provide backup throughout the challenge.’
    help, support, assistance, aid
    reinforcements, reserves, additional resources
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    1. 1.1A person or thing that can be called on if necessary; a reserve.
      ‘I've got a security force as backup’
      ‘the filter is an excellent backup to other systems’
      [as modifier] ‘a backup generator’
      • ‘Some roles never were fully established, including second base, backup catcher and setup reliever.’
      • ‘Emergency backup generators will not be adequate to maintain even a rudimentary water supply.’
      • ‘Our plan would thus be incomplete without a provision for backup forces, included in most proposals for a rapid reaction force.’
      • ‘Most backup diesel generators burn distillate fuel oil, the same fuel used for heating and for aircraft.’
      • ‘Or, combine your backup generator with a renewable energy system, and declare your total independence from the grid!’
      • ‘I live up on a mountain, and I have a generator for backup power.’
      • ‘If your backup generator isn't powering the refrigerator, raid it for the food, but don't open the door more than necessary.’
      • ‘You've got a budget of $60 million and $10 million is reserved for backup players.’
      • ‘But if you have an electric stove, it requires so much power that many backup generators won't be able to run it.’
      • ‘Two other team members should be assigned to provide backup power and establish alternate communication systems.’
      • ‘With both the main generators and their backup out of service, the plant's cooling system was dependent on batteries, which last eight hours.’
      • ‘The Government is determined to bring in all necessary scientific backup to monitor the pollution risk and vowed to allocate whatever resources were required.’
      • ‘The backup diesel generators in their facilities were designed only to handle critical loads, not full operations.’
      • ‘He will serve as the primary backup at second and third and possibly at first, and he also could play at shortstop or a corner outfield spot.’
      • ‘The original cornice was sheared off from the existing backup stone and replaced with new marble.’
      • ‘These backup forces are demoralized and headed for the door.’
      • ‘When she was sure that they had all gone, she informed the police backup that they were to arrest any reporter they saw that came within eyeshot of the post office.’
      • ‘The club still is looking for improved defense, speed, a backup catcher and a reserve outfielder.’
      • ‘The most serious incident was compounded by the failure of a battery powered backup generator in the air traffic control tower.’
      • ‘Despite this redundancy, there are also backup generators.’
  • 2Computing
    The procedure for making extra copies of data in case the original is lost or damaged.

    ‘automatic online backup’
    [as modifier] ‘a backup system’
    • ‘It might ask about the partner's incident response plan or backup procedures, for example.’
    • ‘When astronauts leave Earth, many plans, procedures, and backup systems are in place for their comfort and survival.’
    • ‘Software upgrades routine backup and restore procedures will also take much less time.’
    • ‘A built in backup system enables data backup to a tape or hard drive.’
    • ‘We used a feature in both backup apps to simply replicate the folder, so that compression overhead wasn't a factor.’
    • ‘There are plenty of free and trial backup products available for download or purchase online.’
    • ‘The best solution is to make backup automatic, and there are many ways to do that depending on how much you are willing to pay.’
    • ‘Also, let's say that you have no backup storage devices, and you have some large files that wouldn't fit on another partition.’
    • ‘Computer hell is the place for computers without computer backup.’
    • ‘A similar volume is likely to be sold for use as backup storage for notebook and desktop computers.’
    • ‘They also help me forget about rational things like computer backup and backup software.’
    • ‘So, as you build your computer data backup system, be sure to document your test procedures into handy checklists.’
    • ‘The owner is responsible for maintaining the system, including making backup copies of all project data on a regular basis.’
    • ‘The good thing about online backup is, it's accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.’
    • ‘The software giant went on to warn that the danger from shoddy backup procedures will be compounded by what it predicts will be sharp increases in the number of laptops being damaged or stolen.’
    • ‘Copy and move functions include replication, remote mirroring, and online backup.’
    • ‘It collects backup streams from several computers and writes them all to tape together with headers identifying their origins.’
    • ‘He has insisted that his company's software was meant to let consumers innocently make backup copies of their DVDs and computer games.’
    • ‘To ease the procedure you can use some automatic backup software.’
    • ‘Online backup is actually more secure than storing unencrypted data tapes in a remote vault.’
    1. 2.1An extra copy of data from a computer.
      • ‘This friend had just recently reminded him that the backup existed.’
      • ‘Be sure to make a backup before you start fooling around with those keys.’
      • ‘I just found and loaded up a backup of my eudora install, circa late 1996.’
      • ‘The hosting company should have a backup of the site.’
      • ‘I feel that a minor TV personality ought to be presenting me with a USB memory stick backup of the whole blog, dipped in gold paint, and mounted in a glass case on a bed of crimson velvet.’
      • ‘If it disappeared, then the actual copy would be gone, but not the backup.’
      • ‘You are allowed to copy it as a backup, unless specific provisions for replacement in the event of damage are provided by the manufacturer.’
      • ‘Copying a CD or DVD is a way to sample the movie or disc and then keep it as a backup once you go out and buy the industry packaged version.’
      • ‘Retrieving the backup from the district mainframe required calling the school IT person in from home who was less than thrilled.’
      • ‘First make a good backup of all of your data on some media like CD or memory stick and keep it safe at home.’
  • 3North American An overflow caused by a stoppage, as in water or automobile traffic.

    ‘there are long backups on all routes’
    • ‘She said no Plum homes in the Plum Creek section had backups during the flooding.’
    • ‘A midblock crosswalk will completely disrupt the already short Grand-Snelling intersection, causing severe backups on both sides of the light.’
    • ‘And it could simply be that there are some backups due to that single runway situation earlier.’
    • ‘Both are constricting and reduce the flow of toxins, causing backups.’
    • ‘I was stuck in traffic, a mile-long backup that showed no sign of abating anytime soon.’
    • ‘Now, one other thing we want to show you, and that is some of the backups on these county roads.’
    • ‘This led to massive traffic backups in one of the busiest parts of the city.’
    • ‘Major interstates are now northbound, but it's slow going, with traffic backups across the region.’
    • ‘Film crews, often causing traffic backups, are steadily becoming a common sight around the Joburg, as the city's reputation as a filmmaking destination spreads.’
    • ‘Imagine if we never again had people darting across three lanes of traffic to avoid a traffic backup or to get off on an exit at the last minute.’
    • ‘Along with human waste and other sewage, solid waste has inundated Baghdad's streets for decades, contributing to sewer backups, disease, and a tainted water supply.’
    • ‘Likewise a durable waterproofing system needs to be implanted to stop water leakage from drainage backups or root puncture that could damage apartments below.’
    • ‘Those are the worst cities, but every city that has a population over that of Denver's is seeing major traffic backups.’
    • ‘Now, I am going issue the warning right now, that this is going to cause a backup in many airports.’
    • ‘Because almost five percent of total domestic flights go through O'Hare, the problems in Chicago create a ripple of backups elsewhere.’
    • ‘Do not, however, take steps on your own if the water contains sewage, such as from a toilet backup.’