Definition of backsplash in English:



North american
  • A panel behind a sink or stove that protects the wall from splashes.

    • ‘For instance, if you collect coffee mugs, you may want to design your backsplash with colorful coffee mug tiles.’
    • ‘Apply a bead of sealant on the backsplash, push the counter against the wall, and attach the top from below with screws installed through cabinet corner braces.’
    • ‘Glass tiles create jewel-like depth on walls, backsplashes, and light-use floors.’
    • ‘The same recycled glass tile from the kitchen backsplash finds its way onto the bathroom floor with larger squares of glass applied to the walls.’
    • ‘The tiler wanted us to appreciate the fact that the kitchen wouldn't be finished until the tile backsplash was put in and that if we failed to show proper deference he might not show up at all.’
    • ‘You can also paint vertical tiles that don't get much wear like a kitchen backsplash or bathroom walls with regular latex paint.’
    • ‘The sleek faucet and spout attach directly to the backsplash.’
    • ‘The custom cabinets look like bright circus blocks, the tile backsplash has a harlequin pattern, and the pendant lights resemble spun cotton candy.’
    • ‘Glass mosaic tile is used for the backsplash, the countertop is cold-rolled steel, and a storage cabinet of birch includes a built-in hamper to keep dirty clothes from landing on the floor.’
    • ‘Designers often use glass tiles as decorative accents in backsplashes, showers, pool borders, floors, and even on the risers between stair treads.’
    • ‘His solution was to build a half-wall that serves as a counter backsplash on the kitchen side and a stair rail on the other.’
    • ‘For ease of maintenance, use smooth tiles in the shower/tub area and around backsplashes.’
    • ‘A man pushes a mop over the floor, someone else is shining up a metal backsplash.’
    • ‘Complete the transformation with a single row of cream and taupe tiles for the backsplash, a woven window shade accented with red cotton banding, and walls dressed in timeless toile wallpaper.’
    • ‘Mottled red-gray slate tiles surface the backsplash and a long side wall; the counters are stainless steel or black granite with chiseled edges.’
    • ‘Gail ordered Mexican tiles for the stove backsplash, and Bill took a day off from work to help her set them.’
    • ‘Adding colorful tiles to the backsplash of a kitchen is becoming a popular and easy way to add a new, sophisticated look to the room.’
    • ‘The material you choose for surfaces including counters, backsplashes and floors can also account for variations in price.’
    • ‘This metamorphic rock works equally well for floors, hearths and fireplaces, backsplashes, counters, and patios.’
    • ‘Most prewar kitchens had ceramic tile countertops and backsplashes, and many of the original patterns and colors are now back in production.’