Definition of backside in US English:



  • 1A person's buttocks or rump.

    • ‘Government officials simply need to get off their backsides.’
    • ‘There is a certain idea that you should sit in an enclosed theatre, and feel the seats through your backside as you listen very carefully to the language being enunciated so clearly.’
    • ‘When the players look at it, okay they've maybe had to work their backsides off but he's won them the game and that makes up for it.’
    • ‘She then staggered a few feet, trying to get back to her seat and fell down onto her backside.’
    • ‘The old woman boasts that they would change their minds if only they got a look at her backside because one buttock, as she has mentioned twice already, is missing.’
    • ‘He said: ‘They expect us to run round after them if there is some confusion - why can't they get off their backsides and say ‘sorry, I have made a mistake’.’’
    • ‘Glancing behind me as my backside hit the floor of the boat, I saw the water surface gently bulge and swirl before settling to its normal oily calm.’
    • ‘We are not wearing provocative necklines, neither short skirts nor are we showing our backsides.’
    • ‘It talks about having more of those people whom police officers call shiny bums: people who sit on their backsides, or police officers who do not staff the patrol cars, walk the beats, or make the arrests.’
    • ‘If he could wangle his backside onto or into a seat he was away!’
    • ‘Small, pointed white ears projected from her head and a long flowing white tail protruded from her backside.’
    • ‘‘I can bear a few more hours of riding, I think,’ Viola replied, but without much conviction and a slow shift of her backside in her seat.’
    • ‘We are not carrying 30,000 people sitting on their backsides all day.’
    • ‘‘My message to the vandals is to leave the people of this area alone and get off your backsides and do something constructive with your lives instead of being continually destructive,’ he added.’
    • ‘The seats were built for the backsides of the Victorian era, he says.’
    • ‘On the way to lock it in the nightstand, she paused to kiss his cheek and smack his backside.’
    • ‘The train rattled on and on towards doom as my backside cramped itself on the seat.’
    • ‘Sydney gasped loudly when strong arms unexpectedly wrapped about her waist from behind, pressing her backside against a warm body.’
    • ‘It isn't safe unless we get 6,000 people through the door and I want everybody to get off their backsides and get in here.’
    • ‘They want guys who work their backsides off, who play with passion, and who don't like getting beat.’
    buttocks, behind, rear, rear end, seat, haunches, cheeks
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    1. 1.1North American The rear side or view of a thing.
      ‘the backside of the hill’
      • ‘The blade surface is textured on the backside to enhance two-hand opening.’
      • ‘Then, with four laps to go, he decided that he didn't need my help anymore and attacked going up the hill on the backside of the course.’
      • ‘The viewer was to peer through the hole from the backside of the panel into a mirror, which reversed the image again, reflecting the view in the correct direction.’
      • ‘There was an icy tailwind and blowing mist as she, Amy, and Pat began to pick up too much speed descending the long hill down the backside of the Tehachapi pass.’
      • ‘The two resulting surface forces on front and backside are opposite and tend to stretch the object.’
      • ‘Standard wallpapers consist of a front and backside made of paper.’
      • ‘By implementing optical servo tracks on the backside of the media, customers use the entire magnetic surface of the media for recording data.’
      • ‘Grasp the plate with your fingers on the backside, straight, and your thumb hooked over the side facing you.’
      • ‘On the east, there are the blank backsides of the residence and conference center and the yawning entrance to the underground parking garage.’
      • ‘Lay them flat, front side up when measuring the front rise, and backside up when measuring the back rise.’
      • ‘The distance from the backside to the front angle is easily 200 feet (that's way over 60 meters).’
      • ‘As before, surface on the backside, collect your board, and paddle away as if you had just done a perfect duck dive.’
      • ‘He became cautious, as he turned away and positioned his vehicle with the backside facing the other car's rear end.’
      • ‘I come straight into the backside of the school, the side that no authority can watch.’
      • ‘Eighteen horses died inside the barn on the backside of what used to be Riverside Downs.’
      • ‘Is it the front or backside of the Plexi, or the surface of the plywood?’
      • ‘You will have to climb the hill, of course, but since the backside is gradual, you won't have to worry about downhill spills.’
      • ‘Are too many of the top quarterbacks sliding down the backside of the hill with not enough young talent to replace them?’
      • ‘By the end of the fourth mission, Lunar Orbiter probes had surveyed 99 percent of the front and 80 percent of the backside of the Moon.’
      • ‘Cut an inside miter (long point on backside of trim), and cope the resulting profile straight back.’


  • (of a maneuver in surfing and other board sports) done clockwise for a regular rider and counterclockwise for a goofy rider.

    • ‘The backside axle stall is a basic trick you'll need to know to learn 50/50 grinds and many other tricks on ramps.’
    • ‘His backside air drop at huge Pipe is still stuck in my head.’
    • ‘An architectural solution to dead urban space became a convenient location for underage drinking and irritating backside noseblunts.’
    • ‘Some tricks to consider next are kickflips, heelflips, backside 180s, and frontside 180s.’
    • ‘He did body jars, backside airs, transfer lines and skated hella fast to 3rd place.’
    • ‘We yucked it up all the way into Philly, where the dudes battled backside flips up the city hall five-stair in the dark.’
    • ‘I could do backside tailslides, but I don't kill it or anything.’
    • ‘The varial kickflip is a combination of the backside pop shoveit (coming soon) and the ollie kickflip.’
    • ‘I want to learn huge backside ollies and Caballerials.’
    • ‘He blasted some of the biggest frontside airs I have ever seen and backside flip lipslides like he was born doing them.’
    • ‘He says anybody hoping to twist off the top of the pipe must be able to do front- and backside 180s off ordinary jumps.’
    • ‘Johnny took an instant liking to the big blue beauties and dished out backside Smiths, backside tail grinds and even the back tail shove.’
    • ‘In Jeff's defense, he can do backside bigspins every time, even while blindfolded.’
    • ‘He did some lein-to-tails and backside airs.’
    • ‘Next would be big backside floaters or under the lip lay back snaps.’
    • ‘Ever wondered how to do a backside nosegrind or a frontside flip over a hip?’
    • ‘I'd say the backside flip, because it feels better to be able to push it 180 as long as possible and then just sweep it up and know you have it.’
    • ‘He snapped backside ollies into the corner, and fell into seventh.’
    • ‘I remember when I first saw you out there riding the pipe grabbing huge backside airs.’
    • ‘At a certain point I really got into doing different lip tricks - backside lips and blunt slides.’