Definition of backscatter in US English:



  • 1Deflection of radiation or particles through an angle of 180°.

    • ‘When backscatter is isotropic in the studied plane, the ratio of intensities of backscatter at any pair of angular positions of the detection axis of the probe will be unity.’
    • ‘Clear sky forcing is the direct backscatter of solar radiation in clear skies.’
    • ‘Different solutions have therefore been published: using the magnetic and magnetic-electrical characteristics of this layer, using the sound velocity of ultrasonic waves, and using the backscatter of ultra-sonic waves.’
    • ‘They exhibit very low backscatter and absorption.’
    • ‘This inversion technique takes into account atmospheric effects on the radiation and spatial variations in the surface emissivity and backscatter.’
    1. 1.1 Radiation or particles that have been deflected through an angle of 180°.
      • ‘However, gel-independent backscatter would be the same for all positions of the probe relative to the gel.’
      • ‘Colors are derived from side scan backscatter data, with warmer colors (red and yellow) indicating high backscatter, and cooler colors (blue and purple) indicating low backscatter.’
      • ‘A lens filter of appropriate laser wavelength may be used over the top of an endoscope viewing port to protect the eye from laser backscatter.’
      • ‘Today satellites such as ESA's Envisat routinely scan the Earth with radar signals, building up highly detailed surface images - even through clouds and local darkness - out of reflected radar backscatter.’
      • ‘Ultrasonic backscatter does react to changes in structure, however it can not be linked to a determined hardness value using the indentation method.’
    2. 1.2Photography Light from a flashgun or other light source that is deflected directly into a lens.
      ‘backscatter causes an underexposed picture with a blizzard effect’
      • ‘The holy grail of acoustic swath mapping is to use backscatter more quantitatively; that is, to transform the image into estimates of seafloor properties.’
      • ‘Our one of a kind accessory kit provides an affordable solution for close-up shots and flash ‘backscatter’.’
      • ‘The speed and flash/backscatter were sometimes issues, but just buy a fast 512MB card and shoot repeatedly, and you'll wonder why some spend so much more.’
      • ‘Thanks, that is interesting, I had thought that the flash backscatter was the worst aspect.’
      • ‘You will also be able to judge the water clarity - too much backscatter - forget the flash (if you're able to) and go to available light.’


[with object]Physics
  • Deflect (radiation or particles) through an angle of 180°

    ‘backscattered sound reaches the sonar receiver’
    • ‘Incident solar energy is backscattered away from the earth and acts as a natural cooling mechanism for this area.’
    • ‘Plan B would flood the stratosphere with billions of tiny metal-coated balloons, ‘optical chaff’ to backscatter the sun's rays.’
    • ‘Lidar uses a pulsating laser source and signals backscattered by molecules and particles are analysed using a specially designed telescope.’
    • ‘Monazites were identified in thin section by their very bright backscattered electron images and verified by energy-dispersive spectrometry.’
    • ‘The sound is backscattered from the sea bed according to the topography, sediment type, and small-scale bottom roughness.’
    sending back, throwing back, casting back, mirroring, backscattering
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