Definition of backsaw in English:



  • A type of saw with a reinforced back edge that keeps the thin blade from being distorted.

    • ‘In addition, there are six backsaws which are held by handle fixtures.’
    • ‘They may also finish parts with hand, rotary, or squaring shears and backsaws.’
    • ‘Most, but not all, of the closed handle backsaws appear to be tenon saws while most, but not all, of the open handle backsaws appear to be dovetail saws.’
    • ‘English backsaws from that era represent the pinnacle of the sawmaker's art, where beauty, form and function are blended to perfection.’
    • ‘Now we're talking full length handsaws, panels saws, and backsaws from larger ones to smaller ones and even a coping saw included in the regularly used ones.’
    • ‘Transfer the measurement to a 10-foot section of gutter (upside down), and use a fine-tooth saw such as a backsaw to cut it to length.’
    • ‘Rather than use the coping saw to cut the straight section, place the molding upside down in the miter box or on the saw table, so you can cut the straight section with a backsaw or miter saw.’
    • ‘If your new threshold is made of wood, use a backsaw or a jigsaw to cut it.’
    • ‘You'll see backsaws, carpenter's saws, braces, spokeshaves, gauges, drawknives, squares and of course planes of every kind.’
    • ‘The narrower ends of the jaws allowed my backsaws to be mounted without removing the handle, you may have to change the shape there to suit your saws.’
    • ‘You need a backsaw for cutting dovetails and tenons, and other small work.’
    • ‘Unlike standard handsaws, a backsaw has an extra-stiff blade to prevent it from wavering as you make the cut.’
    • ‘I also made the backsaws, located on the bench.’
    • ‘In a second embodiment the shoe includes a backsaw and miter box.’
    • ‘Use a miter-box with a backsaw, or speed square with a pull-saw to cut the 45-degree angles.’
    • ‘Using the backsaw turned sideways, cut through each of the vertical cuts.’
    • ‘If the backsaw had been made as hard as the other saws, it likely would have broken in use, since, as noted before, the teeth were too brittle to set as it is.’
    • ‘The flip-up portion itself houses a saw till with regular hand saws, backsaws, a coping saw, and even a hacksaw.’
    • ‘If you need to trim away surplus material or cut portions of the edging strip you can use a fine-tooth backsaw, a router or a file.’
    • ‘For deeper cuts the foam can be rough cut to shape with a hobby backsaw and then shaped more with the wood rasp.’