Definition of back slang in US English:

back slang


  • Slang in which words are spoken as though they were spelled backward (e.g., redraw for warder).

    • ‘Cockney back slang was rife and although it was spoken slightly differently by the real cockneys, it still lives today.’
    • ‘Where can i learn back slang?’
    • ‘According to recent newspaper reports, what word, formed from back slang and often used to describe young male delinquents, has now been banned from use at Scotland Yard for fear of upsetting young offenders?’
    • ‘And for the linguistic enthusiasts amongst you, ‘yob’ itself is back slang for ‘boy’.’
    • ‘In the backstreets of London, his unofficial languages included rhyming slang, back slang, and a variant of London back slang known as ‘aiga’.’
    • ‘My late mother was a genuine ‘Bow Bells’ cockney from the Edwardian era, and she used to tell me that rhyming slang, and its close relative back slang, were used by Cockneys as secret languages to keep outsiders and figures of authority in the dark.’
    • ‘I even found it really easy to speak back-slang.’
    • ‘It was derived from a variety of sources, such as Italian words, rhyming slang, and back slang, which was saying a word as if it were spelled backwards.’
    • ‘An unusual kind of slang, known as back slang, evolved in England.’
    • ‘It's from British back slang and the word ‘boy’ spelled backwards.’
    • ‘A butcher might use back slang to announce the shop has run out of something.’
    • ‘His gobbledegook is not grown-up language - it's laugh-a-minute language neologisms reminiscent of playground kids speaking back-slang.’


back slang

/ˈˌbæk ˈslæŋ//ˈˌbak ˈslaNG/